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Health Careers
Health Information Technology
Become a part of the country’s
emerging health IT industry—a rapidly
growing field—and possess skills
that will make you an attractive job
applicant. Gain a solid background
in the health care industry as well
as in computer technology. Get
a complete overview of human
body systems, health information
terminology, communication in
healthcare, privacy laws, ethical issues
and the role of HIPPA in the digital
electronic health record. Review basic
computing, computer architecture, data
organization, programming languages,
networking, hardware components,
software applications, the concept of
meaningful use and more. Become
comfortable with document system
interfaces and integration requirements,
databases, applications and operating
systems. Review enterprise architecture
models and project management
principles, tools and techniques. A
clinical externship will help you gain
hands-on experience in the work field.
You’ll then be qualified to sit for three
national certification exams including
Technical/Software Support Staff
competency exam, Practice Workflow
and Information Management
Redesign Specialist competency exam
and Implementation Support Specialist
competency exams. All exams are
sponsored by the US Department of
Health and Human Services.
6 - 9:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S324 $2450
Dialysis Technician
Enter this growing health care field
that helps others enjoy a better quality
of life. The U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics projects this field to grow
about 11 percent through 2020. As
a technician, you’ll be responsible for
direct patient care working in hospitals,
out-patient clinics and other medical
facilities. Under the direct supervision
of physicians and nurses, you’ll operate
dialysis machines, prepare dialyzer
reprocessing and delivery systems, as
well as maintain and repair equipment.
In this 50-hour class, learn how to
initiate, monitor and discontinue
dialysis treatments for renal failure
patients. Delve into renal physiology,
how to perform and record vital signs,
evaluate and perform vascular access
to circulation, hemodialysis principles,
body chemistry, delivery systems,
medications and dialysis, psychological
aspects of therapy and administering
therapy to children.
6 - 9:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S300
“For the short amount of time
required to complete this course,
I gained great knowledge.”
–Jennifer B., dialysis student
Medical MathBasics
Gain the skills you need to perform
daily math tasks easily and quickly.
During fun and practical hands-on
sessions, master the medical calculations
needed to measure dosages, make
accurate conversions or use scientific
formulas for just about any health
profession. Brush up on your math
skills and become so confident with
basic statistics that you’ll be able to
interpret the latest medical research.
Whether you are new to the medical
field or just want to enhance your
skills, you’ll receive a solid grounding
in medical math and be ready to tackle
any calculation.
2 - 4 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S300 $159
Non-Medical Caregiver Career
The caregiving field is predicted to be
the second-largest-growing industry in
the U.S., according to the Department
of Labor. An estimated three million
caregivers will be needed in the next
three years to serve the growing
population of seniors. Take a 27-hour
course that will train you as a non-
medical care provider. Learn health-
related record keeping, documentation
and journaling, infection control
and precautions, fall prevention
and body mechanics, transfer and
mobility techniques, medication
reminders, personal care, bathing and
grooming. Explore advanced caregiver
communication skills for difficult
clients and families, HIPAA and client
privacy laws, and Nevada state caregiver
regulations. Learn about client and
caregiver safety, accident prevention
and recognizing and responding to
emergencies. Become familiar with
caregiving ethics, elder abuse and
neglect, chronic disease management
techniques and how to maintain a
safe and clean care environment.
Completing this course will make you
a fully trained caregiver who is ready to
enter this burgeoning field.
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S320
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