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Train for a new career today!
WDCE offers 24 certificate programs that, in most cases, get you
trained and ready for a job in a matter of months.
Whether you seek to change
careers, earn a promotion or
become self-employed,
TMCC’s WDCE offers a wide
range of programs to help you
meet your professional goals.
We offer accelerated programs
to prepare you for careers in
industries such as health care,
floral, grant writing, translation/
interpreting, property manage-
ment, herbal studies and more;
comprehensive training in
the massage therapy, personal
trainer and administrative
professional fields; and classes
in the latest software technology.
In addition, we offer businesses training to help our local economy grow stronger. Call our
customized business training unit at 824-3811 to make your business even more competitive.
Interested in earning a college degree?
for a complete list of degree programs or call 673-7000.
Check out our most popular professional courses
Here’s a samplingof classes career-driven individuals love! Browse this guide and look for other classes tohelpyou
get ahead.
• Spanish-English Court Interpreting
• Clinical Medical Assistant
• Grant Writing
• TMCC Writers’ Conference
• Medical Transcription
• Photoshop Elements
Register today at wdce.tmcc.edu to reserve your seat!
Tuition assistance available to the unemployed and underemployed
Financial support may be available for TMCCWDCE’s professional courses and certificate programs
through JOIN, Community Services Agency and other agencies that support our community’s education
and skill development needs. To find out if you qualify, call JOINor Community Services Agency today.
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