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TMCCWriters’ Conference
Achieve your writing goals, whether it’s
getting published or composing that
first chapter. This event specializes in
helping you strengthen your writing
and expanding your literary network
to increase your chances of getting
published. Discover how to create a
page-turner from crime author Elissa
Wald, cultivate your creativity with
writer and coach Eric Maisel, craft
a compelling travel memoir with
journalist Jeff Greenwald, plot your
book with help from young-adult
novelist Shaunta Grimes and learn to
become a successful freelance writer
from Reno News and Review Editor
D. Brian Burghart. In addition, learn
how to get your work represented and
see what literary agents want from
potential clients. Ask questions during
the agents panel discussion or meet
one-on-one for an optional private
meeting that costs $32 with one of our
speakers or agents Ted Weinstein, from
Ted Weinstein Literary Management,
and Pam van Hylckama Vlieg from
Foreward Literary. Bring your lunch
or purchase one from the conference
for $12 and dine with the speaker of
your choice. Increase your motivation
to move those creative projects forward
and pursue your writing dreams. Save
$15 when you register by March 3.
S 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
TMCCSierraBldg. 108
“I’ve been to a few conferences,
and TMCC’s staff really care
about the writers, not just the
speakers. It was well organized
and focused.”
–Cynthia K., 2013 participant
For massage training, see pages
Personal Trainer
Train for a career where you can help others
be physically active and healthy. For program
details, go to wdce.tmcc.edu and click on “View
Our Programs.”
PT 120CTechniques of Teaching
Weight Training
1Unit 1001 20839W8:30-9:45 a.m.
1/29-5/14 TMCCRedMountainBuildingRoom
101 Simone-Call
Prerequisite: enrolled in personal trainer
program. Gain knowledge of weight
training and how to teach proper lifting
and safety. Find out how to present
and demonstrate information. Learn
to critique and provide corrective
feedback to your client for improved
performance. You must spend 15 hours
in the fitness center as a part of this
course. $125
PT 202CAnatomy andPhysiology for
Fitness Professionals
4Units 1001 20846M, W9-11 a.m.
1/27-5/14 TMCCMeadowoodCenter S217
Prerequisite: enrolled in personal trainer
or massage programs, licensed LMT’s
and certified personal trainers. Learn
the structure and function of all the
body systems and be able to relate them
to their chosen field. This course fulfills
the requirement for state and national
licensure. $356
PT 205CFitnessAnalysis&Application
3Units 1001 20840 T 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
1/28-5/13 TMCCVistaBuilding 206 Simone-Call
Prerequisite: enrolled in personal trainer
program. Discover how to measure a
clients’ overall fitness, then formulate
an exercise program that will best suit
your client. Also learn how to assist the
client throughout the workout. $249
PT 208CFunctional Anatomy for Fitness
4Units 1001 20843 T, TH9 -11 a.m.
1/28-5/15 TMCCMeadowoodCenter S217
Prerequisite: BIOL 141B, BIOL 223
or PT 202C or currently licensed
LMT’s/certified personal trainers. Learn
the structure/function relationship
of musculoskeletal anatomy and
kinesiology by utilizing and enhancing
palpation skills. Ultimately be able
to create a solid three-dimensional
anatomical image of the body and its
movement patterns. This course fulfills
the requirement for state and national
licensure. $356
PT 250C Internship inPersonal Training
2Units *****
TBA TMCCRedMountainBuildingRoom101
Prerequisites: Must have instructor
or department approval and
successful completion of all other PT
requirements. Become an effective
personal trainer by practicing the skills
you’ve learned over the course of this
program. Under the supervision of
the TMCC fitness center coordinator,
you will train clients, teach weight and
circuit training classes, and present
wellness information to wellfit lifestyle
participants. In addition, coordinate,
plan, market and host a fitness event
while building your hands-on skills.
You will also meet weekly to review and
prepare for the national exam. $199
Computer and Office
Technology 824-3830
Work towardyour certificateor associatesdegree
edu and click on “Programs We Offer.”
Computer Keyboarding I –COT 101
BusinessMachines –COT 110
Office Publications –COT 217
ExecutiveOffice Procedures –COT 240
Customer Service –BUS 112
Writers’Conference • Personal Trainer • Computer andOfficeTechnology
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