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Professional Advancement
Professional SalesCertificate
Develop the skills and strategies that will
make you a successful sales professional.
Learn the roles, responsibilities,
challenges and rewards that the sales
field offers, the importance of setting
goals and objectives including the Rule
of 10, and create a balance between
your personal and professional life.
Discover the seven critical steps of the
sales process including needs assessment,
presentation, negotiation and close.
Find out how and why a customer
buys and five pivotal steps in the
buying process, from initial interest and
education through the decision to buy.
Prepare yourself for that initial customer
contact through sales prospecting,
identifying the decision maker in the
sales relationship and positioning your
product or service and its competitive
advantage. Discover four ways to handle
objections to your sales pitch and how to
confidently and successfully close a deal.
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S315
Supervisory LeadershipCertificate
This is an online class. Establish
yourself as a leader. Your career success
relies on your ability to maximize
your team’s efficiency while enhancing
your supervisory skills. Receive
practical and insightful advice that
even the most experienced managers
can benefit from. Gain the tools
you need to maximize workplace
productivity, effectively delegate tasks
and motivate your employees. Learn
to recognize and address behavioral
issues before they become problems
and how you can create a productive,
cooperative workforce. You’ll delve into
the necessary elements to effectively
evaluate employees and explore your
competencies to see how you can
strengthen your own management
skills. Discover relevant strategies you
can implement immediately at your
workplace. This class is approved
for CEUs toward PHR, SPHR and
GPHR recertification through the HR
Certification Institute.
Computer LiteracyCertificate
Learn the skills you need to compete
in the modern work world. If you
have little or no computer experience,
you can speed up and strengthen your
computer knowledge with a course
that will give you lots of hands-on time
with a personal computer. You’ll learn
how a computer works, what it can do
and what it can’t do. You’ll learn all the
modern computer terms, from mouse
to menu to hard drive, and you’ll
discover how to use them. Find out
what the Windows, Word and Excel
computer programs are designed to do
and the variety of things you can create
with them. You’ll be guided through
the process of creating files where you
can store your documents, and you’ll
find out what is meant by a drive and
how to use it. You’ll get comfortable
working with computer files that you
can change and save so you can find
them later. Experience the amazing
information world of the Internet as
you use the computer to connect to
sites like Wikipedia and YouTube. You’ll
get to design and edit a document and
discover four easy ways to protect your
privacy online. Gain the computer
confidence to apply for the job you
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
Why train for a new career?
Perhaps you’re looking for better benefits or to
make a lifestyle change. Either way, you’re not
alone. Nearly 40 million Americans between the
according to a Penn Schoen Berland study.
Logistics Freight Broker Certificate
Get real-world experience in the
logistics industry as you learn the
types of transportation services used in
shipping freight and how to manage
freight loads. Understand how LTL and
intermodal shipments work and learn
how to broker freight, create necessary
paperwork and deal with customers
and carriers. Become familiar with
transportation management software
programs, learn software programs like
Excel, Word and Google Docs, gain a
basic understanding of accounting and
backend operations, and learn how a
business operates.
3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
LeadershipDevelopment Certificate
This certificate is comprised of three
online classes. Especially geared for future
leaders who were born between 1980 and
1999, this certificate provides practical
information on advancing your leadership
potential and making a difference in
both the workplace and in society. Find
out what it takes to become an effective
leader. Discover your style of leadership.
Discuss task completion, building
relationships with your subordinates,
becoming socially perceptive to changes
in the workplace, utilizing your emotions
in a positive and effective manner, and
addressing challenging goals. Then
learn the unspoken secrets that leaders
know and the strategies they employ for
influencing others. You can become an
effective leader if you know the do’s and
don’ts, what to say, what to do and what
not to do. At the end of completing the
three course certificate, you will come
away with a new understanding, new
toolbox of leadership skills, and the
information to move your leadership
development into high gear. Sign
up for this certificate, comprised of
three courses—Leadership Principles,
Developing your Leadership Skills and
Developing Your Professional Career—
and save $40 off the total tuition.
Online $395
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