TMCC Strategic Master Plan 2014 - page 2

TMCC Strategic Master Plan |
TMCC Vision, Mission and Values
Truckee Meadows Community College creates the future by changing lives.
Truckee Meadows Community College promotes student success,
academic excellence and access to lifelong learning by supporting high-
quality education and services within our diverse community.
The values upon which Truckee Meadows Community College bases its
mission and vision statements are the principles, standards and qualities
the college considers worthwhile and desirable. Truckee Meadows
Community College is committed to:
Student access and success
Excellence in teaching and learning
Evidence of student progress through assessment of student outcomes
Nurturing a climate of innovative and creative thought
Collaborative decision making
Community development through partnerships and services
Ethical practices and integrity
Respect, compassion, and equality for all persons
Responsible and sustainable use of resources
Fosteringattitudes that exemplify responsible participation inademocratic society
Core Themes
Core Theme I
: Student Success
Core Theme II
: Academic Excellence
Core Theme III
: Access to Lifelong Learning
Mission Fulfillment
For the college to meet the core themes of its mission, it needs to maintain or exceed
a baseline measure for each indicator within the specified time frame. The College has
identified a clear articulation of mission fulfillment that is based on satisfying at least
80% of the established objective measures.
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