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Remedial Policy
All degree-seeking students who place into developmental/remedial coursework must take the
prescribed sequence of courses until remediation is completed. Students requiring remediation must
complete all required coursework prior to completion of 30 college-level credits unless otherwise
authorized by the institution. Developmental/remedial coursework does not apply to degree
Academic Standard Policy
First-time degree-seeking students who score on the ACCUPLACER Exam below standards in reading
or arithmetic will be limited to 9 credits or less per term. This policy is for your success. When you are
proficient in Reading and Math, you will be more successful with college-level material.
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades
Students may choose to take any course for S/U.
“S” = “A, B, or C” “U” = “D or F”
The course will not be calculated in the grade point average (GPA), but no course taken for a
satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade (except those offered S/U ONLY) may be used to satisfy any TMCC
general education or division core requirement. A maximum of six elective credits graded S/U may be
used to satisfy credit requirements for any degree or certificate earned at TMCC.
Postsecondary officials are regularly asked to balance the interests of safety and privacy for individual
students. While the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) generally requires institutions
to ask for written consent before disclosing a student’s personally identifiable information, it also
allows colleges and universities to take key steps to maintain college safety. Understanding the law
empowers school officials to act decisively and quickly when issues arise. For more information about
FERPA, please visit
and search for “FERPA.”
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