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Truckee Meadows Community College
FactBook 2012
15th Edition
Office of Institutional Research
Capture Rate:
The percent of Washoe County School District graduates who attend TMCC in the
Fall or Spring term immediately following graduation from High School.
This chapter of
FactBook 2012
provides historical data on headcount and FTE at TMCC. The
data included in this section represent state supported enrollment only. Definitions for the
following terms are useful in deciphering abbreviations and enrollment related headings.
The reporting date to submit preliminary enrollment data to the Chancellor’s Office is
known as the
“census date”
. For Fall semesters it is October 15 and for Spring semesters it is
March 15.
A measure of the number of students enrolled in courses at an institution;
enrollment data are either represented by headcount or FTE.
Nevada System of Higher Education
Full-time Equivalent Enrollment (FTE) in this section applies to the statistical measure of the
instructional workload generated by students taking courses. One FTE is equal to registration in
fifteen credit hours, whether taken by one student or by the combination of several students.
The State uses FTE as a measure of enrollment in determining the budget for the College.
As the most basic form of student enrollment information, headcount represents an
unduplicated count of students enrolled in at least one credit course.
Also known as carryover, rollover refers to enrollments that occur after a census date.
In past years, rollover was added to the next semester’s enrollment totals to produce an official
headcount or FTE figure. Beginning with AY 2003-04, rollover is no longer included.
State Supported:
Credit-bearing academic courses that are degree related, developmental, or
vocationally oriented are considered state supported.
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