2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 95

B-95 2014-2015
Program completion time varies anddepends on
number of credits takenper semester. Please contact
theprogram coordinator at 775-673-7125 formore
• Certificate ofAchievement –Canbe completed in
10-12months, see certificateworksheet.
• Associate ofAppliedScience–Canbe completed in2
years, seedegreeworksheet.
Admission to thedental assistingAASdegree
program and the certificateprogram is limitedwith
special requirements andprocedures.
Students start theprogram at thebeginningof the
fall semester.
Theprogramhas a chronological applicant list
and is basedon a “first-come, first-served”policy.
Applicantsmust be at least 17years old andhave a
TMCC IDnumber to apply.
For additional program informationplease contact
theprogram coordinator at 775-673-7125or
You arenot required to complete all application
requirements prior to submitting the application.
You can submit theprogram applicationfirst,
andhaveuntil June 1, at 5pmof the current
year to fulfill all remainingprogram application
1. Submit a completed application to thedental
assistingprogram, available
2. *Provideproof of high school completion/
3. *Provideproof of attendanceof adental assisting
program advisement/information session.
*For further information regarding submissionof
requireddocumentationplease go
Students accepted into theDAprogram are required
to attend amandatoryprogramorientation class
prior to thebeginningof the fall semester.Upon
acceptance into theprogram, studentswill be
notifiedby email of thedateof theorientation and
directions for submissionof the following required
documentation. Informationmust be receivedby
August 7, 2014 for student to remain in theprogram.
Contained in the email aredirections for submitting
the requireddocumentation.
• Current healthcareproviderCPR card.
• Results of anegative (current) two-stageTB
• DT immunization (within the last 10years).
• MMR immunization (students bornafter1956must
have receivedabooster).
• Varicella immunizationor physician’s proof of
student immunity.
• HepatitisBvaccination series. Provide
documentationof initial immunizationand each
subsequent required immunizationof the series
or a letter of refusal from student’s physicianor a
declination form signedby the student.
• Current proof of health insurance.
• Results of aphysical examination.
Dental assisting studentsmustmeet certain
technical standards.
• Be free from conditions that put other humans at
• Beable to concentrateandattend.
• Beable to sit, bend, liftand reach.
• Beable tovisualize the immediate environment.
• Beable tohear environmental sounds and
• Possess theability to read,write, recordand report.
• Beable tounderstandand react toverbal
• Beable to effectively communicatewith instructors
andpatients toprovideand gather information.
• Beable to remember.
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