2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 8

A-8 2014-2015
TMCC College Catalog
A – General Information
Note: TMCC’s English andmath departments
determine the ACCUPLACER cut score information
for new and continuing students who take the
ACCUPLACER placement tests.
If you have a disability that will prevent you from
taking the test under standard conditions, contact
TMCC’S Disability Resource Center (DRC) prior
to reserving a testing time. Under the Americans
with Disability Act (ADA), any student who needs
accommodations which require special testing
environments should be scheduled well in advance
of the start of the term; requests in the three weeks
prior to the start of the term may not be possible to
30-Credit Remedial Policy
Per the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter
16, Section 3.1:
• All degree-seeking students who place into
developmental/remedial coursework must take the
prescribed sequence of courses until remediation is
completed. Students requiring remediation must
complete all required coursework prior to completion
of 30 college-level credits unless otherwise
authorized by the institution.
Developmental Courses
Developmental courses are offered for those students
who have been away from school for an extended
time or need review classes to build a strong
foundation in English and mathematics. These
courses are intended to bring the students to a level
of proficiency that assures benefit from instruction
in occupational or liberal arts (transfer) programs.
Developmental courses are not designed to transfer
or apply to a degree/emphasis/certificate.
Students placing into English 101 or above but
who place below standard in arithmetic may enroll
full-time, but must take the prescribed sequence of
developmental courses until completed. Likewise,
students placing into MATH 120 or above but
who place below standards in reading may enroll
full-time but must take the prescribed sequence of
developmental courses until completed.
Student Placement Testing (ACCUPLACER)
Students planning to enroll in math and/or English
classes at TMCC should take the ACCUPLACER
placement exam. The academic placement exam
used at TMCC is the ACCUPLACER and is a
computerized placement exam that provides
information about your academic skills in math,
English, and reading. The exam is not a “pass” or
“fail” exam and offers an accurate measurement
of your academic skills to help you excel in your
educational goals. Many courses at TMCC require
specific ACCUPLACER math and/or English
scores as prerequisites for registration. Students
must have an active admission application and
a valid government issued photo id to take the
Students may be able to waive the ACCUPLACER
requirement with current (less than two years old)
ACT and/or SAT scores. Official ACT and/or SAT
scores must be submitted to the Admissions and
Records Office.
Note: Youmay be exempt from testing if you
have completed coursework at another college
equivalent to ENG 101 and/orMATH 120/126, or
have completed prerequisites within the last 2 years,
or if ENG/MATHare not required for your desired
ACCUPLACER testing is offered on a walk in basis
Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., please
contact Testing Services at 775-673-8241 or visit
for extended hours and days.
Course placement for the ACCUPLACER placement
test for TMCC students will be determined by the
highest valid score within the past twenty-four month
NOTE: TMCC reserves the right to change course
placement scores. ACCUPLACER test scores take up
to three business days to post to student accounts.
Students will not be able to register for classes that
have ACCUPLACER scores as prerequisites until
scores are posted. See Appendix U for complete listing
of test score requirements.
Students may retake the math and/or English
ACCUPLACER placement test no sooner than 24
hours after the initial try, any subsequent retakes
must be spaced at least two weeks apart. Students
will be charged a $20 retake fee for each retake
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