2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 6

A-6 2014-2015
TMCC College Catalog
A – General Information
Admission to the College
Effective fall 2012, prospective students must meet
the new TMCC admission policy. The policy states
that to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student,
students must meet one of the following criteria: be a
graduate of a high school or its equivalent (certificate
of attendance is not equivalent to high school
graduation); or be a qualified international student.
Students who do not meet the above criteria will be
admitted, but they will be assigned the status of non-
degree seeking. Students who are non-degree seeking
are not eligible to receive financial aid and some
Audits of Community College Admissions
(effective Fall 2012)
Per Board of Regents policy, institutions shall
determine procedures to ensure that high school
graduation documentation is accurate on the
basis of information reported on the application
for admission pursuant to Board policy. If
documentation is not required for each student
during the admission process, every fall and
spring the institution shall conduct random audits
by selecting at least 10 percent of the applicant
population and collecting the appropriate
documentation from each student confirming
graduation status as originally reported on the
student’s application for admission.
Time Limitation for Degree-Seeking
Students are limited to “Degree-Seeking Undeclared/
Undecided” for two semesters, after which they
must declare a degree or certificate. Fall, spring and
summer each count as one semester. Those who do
not declare a degree or certificate will be placed into
Non-Degree status. Students who are non-degree
seeking are not eligible to receive financial aid,
veterans education benefits, and some scholarships.
Students who are unsure of their career path
should contact Career Services in the Counseling
department for assistance, at 775-673-7060.
Changing From Non-degree Seeking to
To qualify, students must meet the following
criteria: Provide proof of satisfactory completion
of 6 credits of college-level courses equivalent to
general education as established in the Board of
Regents Handbook Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 25.
This includes: English, Math, Communications,
Constitution, Human Relations, Social Science/
Humanities or Science; or take the ACCUPLACER
placement test and score a minimum course
placement of English 98R, or English 112 and Math
95; or request and present official ACT or SAT
transcripts. Transcripts must show a minimum
course placement of English 101 and Math 120; or
take one of the three state approved HSE exams and
present evidence of official HSE transcript showing
successful completion.
Students Who Do Not Qualify for Degree-
seeking Status
Students who are not high school graduates or its
equivalent or who are not qualified international
students and score below English 98R or English
112 and Math 95 in the ACCUPLACER, will remain
admitted as non-degree seeking. These students
will be referred to: Math Skills Center in RDMT
124 and/or English Skills Center in VSTA B106; or
Adult Basic Education and/or English as Second
Language Community program located at the TMCC
Meadowood Center S220, 775-829-9004.
Admission to Health Science Programs
The health science programs include:
• Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Nursing
RDMT 417, 673-7115
• Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene
RDMT 415, 674-4845
• Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Paramedic
RTC 219-N, 789-5511
• Radiologic Technology
RDMT 324, 674-7657
• Veterinary Technician
HTCR 100, 850-4003
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