2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 53

B-53 2014-2015
Academic credit is awarded for completing the
mutually agreedupon learningobjectives and for
aproject assignedby the faculty coordinator. For
students alreadyon the job, the employermust agree
tonew jobduties. Creditwill not be awardedunless
“new learning” takes place at thework site. Formore
information, contact your programdepartment.
Summer school offers access to academic, career and
technical courses alongwithworkforcedevelopment
and continuing educationprograms.
• 775-829-9010
WDCE stands committed to enhancing the
region’s economic stabilityby training adults to
increase their career opportunities andoffering
customized employee instruction to areabusinesses.
Classes—most ofwhich arenoncredit, accelerated
programs—startweekly anddonot require
admission intoTMCC.
TMCCWDCEhas taken a cue from area industry:
it’sworking smarter. Streamlining costs,WDCE
operates a strategic alliancewith theWashoe
program inoffering aone-stop location for
TMCC’snoncredit career courses and
WDCEoffers relevant, real-world instruction
focusedonpreparing students fornew careers.
Programs include:
• ApartmentMaintenanceTechnicianCertificate
• BilingualOfficeAssistantCertificate
• ClinicalMedicalAssistant
• ComputerLiteracyCareerCertificate
• DialysisTechnician
• EKGTechnicianCertification
• Florist Fundamentals
• GrantWriting
• Health InformationTechnologySpecialist
• Herbal Studies
• Logistics FreightBrokerCareerCertificateProgram
• MassageTherapist Program (andLMTCEUs)
• MedicalAdministrativeAssistant Program
• Medical BillingandCoding
• Non-Medical CaregiverCareerCertificate
• PharmacyTechnician
• PhysicalTherapyTechnician
• Professional SalesCareerCertificate
• PropertyManagement
• Spanish/EnglishCourt Interpreting
• Spanish/EnglishMedical Interpreting
• Spanish/EnglishTranslation/Interpretation
For those seeking toupgrade their skills,WDCE
offers short, accelerated courses to strengthen
computer skills, present entrepreneurial
opportunities, acquiremanagement andmarketing
expertise andmore.WDCE’s roster of courses
includes hundreds ofweb-based classes from some
of thenation’s toponline educationproviders,
giving students theultimate in convenience and
diversityof topics.
CustomizedEmployeeTraining forBusiness
Since 1987,Nevadabusinesses have reliedonWDCE
for timely, customized, quality instruction.With
a vast networkof highlyqualified instructorswith
real-world experience,WDCEhelps companies
spend their trainingdollars onlywhere they are
needed.Whether it’s employee skill assessments,
curriculum creation,workplace communicationor
even academic education, eachprogram is uniquely
created tofit abusiness’ needs. Training is available
7days aweek, 24hours aday, in awide varietyof
This efficient diagnostic tool lets executives know
which skills their employeesneed to learn, so the
business can achieve its goals. Individualsmay also
register for these tests to earn aNationalCareer
ReadinessCredential throughWorkKeys (anACT
product), toprove their expertise topotential
WorkKeys assessments are available in applied
mathematics, applied technology, businesswriting,
jobfitness, listening, locating information,
observation, personal performance, readiness,
reading for information andmore. Some exams are
available inSpanish.
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