2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 52

B-52 2014-2015
TechPrep is a federally fundedprogramwithin the
CarlD. PerkinsCareer andTechnical Education
ImprovementAct of 2006. TheWashoeTechPrep
Consortium consists ofWashoeCountySchool
District, TruckeeMeadowsCommunityCollege and
SierraNevada JobCorps. Theprogram ismonitored
by theNevadaDepartment of Education. TechPrep
classes are taught byhigh school teachers at thehigh
TechPrep classes areoffered to students in school
districts inNorthernNevada and the SierraNevada
JobCorpsCenterwho are enrolled in an articulated
class. An articulated class is one inwhich learner
outcomes and courseobjectives havebeen aligned
between thehigh school and the community college.
High school studentswho are eligible forTechPrep
credit fill out an applicationwhile they are enrolled
in thehigh school class.After the teacher reports
the grade as either anAorB as required, theTech
Prepoffice reports that to theTMCC admissions
and records officewho records the information and
prepares a transcript tobemailed to the student.
For information, please
or call 775-857-4964.
Dual credit courses are college courses that high
school juniors and seniorsmay take for high school
and college credit. Credits earned indual credit
classesmaybe applied toward an associatedegree
atTMCC, abaccalaureatedegree atUNR,UNLV,
andNSC. Studentsmustmeet college admission
requirements, complete courseprerequisites and
have the approval of ahigh school principal and
parent inorder to enroll indual credit courses.
The graphic communications programoffers a
series of 0.5 - 1 credit professional level software
applications classes that focus ononeparticular
graphics softwareover aone-to four-weekperiod.
These short courses are tailored tomeet theneeds
of industryprofessionals andmaynot apply toward
the associateof applied sciencedegree ingraphic
The following applications are currentlybeing
• InDesign (beginningandadvanced)
• Illustrator (beginningandadvanced)
• Photoshop (beginningandadvanced)
• Acrobat
• Dreamweaver
• FlashProfessional
• Premiere
Theseworkshops are listed in theTMCC class
scheduleunder the graphic communications
section.TheGRCprogram alsooffers customized
workshops that canbedeveloped tomeet the
specificneeds of companies andorganizations. For
more informationon customizedworkshops, please
call 775-673-7266.
Internships are courseswhich integrate classroom
studywith relatedwork experience in a student’s
placeof employment ormajor fieldof academic
interest.Theory andpractice areblendedby training
in career-related areas of professional interest.This
methodof instruction serves as a testingground to
make a student’s educational programmore relevant
andmeaningfulwhilepermitting employers to
identify and selectwell-trainedpersonnel.Any
• Helps toprovide greatermeaning to formal
• Increasesmotivation for learning;
• Contributes to the student’s development of a sense
of responsibility;
• Provides anopportunity tomove into jobs that
requirenew skills and responsibilities;
• Gives the student a chance to explore specific jobs in
relation tohis or her capabilities;
• Offers preparatoryopportunities to enter theworking
world in the student’s selectedprofessional area.
Tobe eligible for an internship a studentmust:
1. Have completedadepartment’s specifiednumber
of credits towardadeclareddegree, emphasis or
certificateand/or havemet publishedprerequisites;
2. Beavailable towork thenecessaryhours as agreed
toby the employer, faculty, and student inaposition
directly related to the student’smajor areaof study
(credit is awardedat a rate of 75hours ofworkper
3. Beable to identify,with thehelpof the employer
and faculty coordinator, a set of job-related learning
objectives thatwill enhance the student’s career
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