2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 51

B-51 2014-2015
Skills certificates atTMCC aredesigned toprovide
students completing all of the requirementswith the
preparationnecessary to take state, national and/
or industry recognized certificationor licensing
examinations. Theseprograms provide training
for entry level positions or career advancement
instruction. They are shorter andnarrower in focus
thanCertificateofAchievement orAssociateDegree
programs.Theseprograms are ideal for high school
graduates and individuals exploringnew career
options or skills advancement.
TMCC is dedicated to rigorous and relevant
curriculum.The SkillsCertificates atTMCC
aremonitoredby industry advisory committees
whoprovide input to the curriculum in eachof
these areas ensuring that students are learning
appropriate and applicable skillsneeded. Skills
Certificates aredesigned as stackable credentials
within existingAssociateDegree tracks.
Furthermore, eachSkillsCertificatemust be
approvedby theTMCCCurriculum,Assessment
andPrograms committee, FacultySenate and the
VicePresident ofAcademicAffairs.
Pleasenote thatwhile SkillsCertificateprograms
atTMCCprovide the training and instruction for
students, TMCCdoesnot guarantee that a student
will pass the appropriate industry certification/
licensing exam. Please contact the appropriate
department for informationonTMCCSkills
• AutomotiveServiceExcellence (ASE)-Basic
• AutomotiveServiceExcellence (ASE)Diesel Technician:Heavy
• AutomotiveServiceExcellence (ASE)Diesel Technician: Light
andHeavyDuty (HD)Diesel Engines
• AutomotiveServiceExcellence (ASE)-General Service
• AutomotiveServiceExcellence (ASE)-Master
• CiscoCertification: CiscoCertifiedNetworkAssociate (CCNA)
• CiscoCertification: CiscoCertifiedNetworkAssociate (CCNA)
• Commercial Refrigeration
• CompTIACertificationPreparation
• DieteticTechnician
• EarlyChildhoodEducator 1
• EarlyChildhoodEducator 2
• EarlyChildhoodEducator 3
• EarlyChildhoodEducator 4
• EmergencyMedical Technician
• EmergencyMedical TechnicianAdvanced
• EmergencyMedical Technician InstructorTraining
• Heating,Ventilation,Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration
• MachiningLevel 1-CNCMilling:Operations andProgramming
• MachiningLevel 1-CNCTurning:Operations and
• NursingAssistant
• Phlebotomy
• Real EstateSalesperson
• SolarEnergyTechnician
• Welding: Flux-CoredArcWelding (FCAW) andGasTungsten
ArcWelding (GTAW)
• Welding: ShieldedMetalArcWelding (SMAW) andGasMetal
ArcWelding (GMAW)
• WindEnergyTechnician
If you are consideringoneof our SkillsCertificates,
please review the suggested course sequences
for eachof the above listed skills certificates on
the followingpages. As SkillsCertificates are
stackable credentials, theywill be found following
the correspondingdegreewithwhich they are
associated. Please contact the appropriate academic
departments formore informationonhowSkills
Certificates canbenefit your career goals.
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