2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 39

B-39 2014-2015
A coursewith “*”, “+”or “R” after the course
number, such asART235+orCIT114R, indicates a
coursenumber that has been reused.
Developmental courses (thosenumberedbelow
100), will not transfer.Developmental courses do
not apply toward any certificateor degree. Starting
with the freshman class of 2007, studentswho score
indevelopmental educationmust complete the
requirements prior to attempting their thirtieth
More informationon transfer credit is available at
the counseling and advisement center or admissions
and records.
Guideprovides informationonhow each course
transferswithin thepost-secondary schools of
transfer guides provide informationonhowTMCC
courses andprograms transfer to the various
colleges and/ormajors at theNSHEuniversities or
state college. Links to the system transfer guide are
Advisors are available todiscuss course transfer
options toother four-year colleges anduniversities.
Students should contact the admissions office
of the college towhich theywish to transfer for
information regarding the acceptabilityof any
community college course.
Students planning to transfer toUNRorUNLV
should select courses using the current catalog for
WesternNevadaCollege, CarsonCity andGreat
BasinCollege, Elko, alsooffer baccalaureatedegrees;
students planning to transfer tooneof these
institutions should consult the college catalog from
those schools or the
All students planning to transfer should see an
advisor or faculty advisor for assistance inplanning
an appropriate educational programwhile at
TMCC students planning to transfer toUNRor
UNLVwhodidnot satisfyuniversity admission
requirements upongraduation fromhigh school
must complete the equivalent of 24 semester credits
inbaccalaureate level courseswith anoverall
gradepoint averageof at least 2.50 at a community
collegeor other accredited institution toqualify for
university admission.
ChoiceofCollegeCatalog toSatisfy
GraduationRequirements forNSHETransfer
A student enrolled at aNSHE institutionmay
elect tograduateunder the catalogof the year of
enrollment in abaccalaureate-level programor
the year of graduation. Studentswhoofficially
change their degree, emphasis, or certificatewith
the admissions and records officemay choose
the college catalogof the year of the latest change
of degree, emphasis, or certificateor the year of
graduation. Whichever college catalog is used, it
cannot bemore than10years old at the timeof
graduation from theuniversity.
In the caseofNSHE transfer students, any
exceptions to this policywill behandledby the
transfer center and the transfer agreement contract
process. Tobe guaranteed the college catalog
of choiceupon transfer, a studentmust have an
approved transfer agreement onfilewithhis or her
NSHE institutionsdonot guarantee theawarding
of adegreebasedupon theunchanged requirements
of aparticular collegecatalog. Periodic revisionsof
degree requirements aremadebecauseof advances
inknowledge, changes inoccupational qualifications
or theexpectationsof accreditingauthorities. If such
revisionshaveoccurred, thecollegemay requirea
reasonableadherence to thedegree requirementsof a
recent or current collegecatalog.
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