2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 381

F-381 2014-2015
HearingProcedures— In accordancewithTitle
2, Chapter 10of theNevadaSystemofHigher
EducationCode, a student is entitled to ahearing
on adisciplinary charge.The following suggested
procedure shall satisfy the requirements of
“procedural dueprocess”:
1. Hearings shall be institutedwithdispatchafter a
student is chargedwithanoffense. Students shall
benotified in time toprepare anadequatedefense
against those charges.
2. The student shall be informed, inwriting, of the
reasons for theproposeddisciplinaryactionwith
sufficient particularityand in sufficient time to ensure
opportunity toprepare for thehearing.
3. The student appearingbefore ahearing shall have the
right tobe assisted inhis/herdefensebyanadvisor of
his/her choice.
4. Theburdenof proof restsupon theofficialsbringing
the charge.
5. The student shall begivenanopportunity to testify
and topresent evidence andwitnesses.The student
shall have anopportunity tohear andquestion
adversewitnesses. Inno case shall ahearing
committee considerwrittenor recorded statements
against him/herunlesshe/shehasbeenadvisedof
their content and thenames of thosewhomade them,
andunlesshe/shehasbeengivenanopportunity to
rebut unfavorable inferenceswhichmight otherwise
6. Allmattersuponwhich thedecisionmaybebased
shall be introduced into evidence at thehearing.The
decision shall bebased solelyupon suchmatters.The
admissibilityof evidence shall bedeterminedby the
hearingboardor officer and subject to review through
7. Thehearing shall beprivateunless the student
requests anopenhearing.
See also:Appeals section in course catalog
1. TheStudentAppealsBoard is onlya recommending
board to theDeanof Student Services. TheDean
makes thefinal decision.
2. TheStudentAppealsBoarddoesnot handle
affirmative action issues, grade change issues, or
policieswithin the classroom, disciplinary issues or
student financial aidappeals.
3. Affirmative action issuesmust followBoardof
RegentsHandbookpolicies fordiscrimination/sexual
harassment.Affirmative action issues are referred to
theAffirmativeActionOfficer or theDeanof Equity
and Inclusion.
4. Grade change issues orpolicieswithin classroomare
referred through the instructor, then to the chair or
program coordinator, andfinally to the appropriate
instructional dean.Thedeanhasfinal authority for
grade change issues orpolicieswithin the classroom.
5. Disciplinary issuesmust follow theBoardofRegents
Handbookandare referred to the appropriate
individualsdependingupon the typeof infringement
that has occurred.
6. FinancialAidhas its ownStudent FinancialAids
Appeal Board.
Policy for ImplementationandAwardingof
A. Authorization
As part of theDivisionof Business, TMCC’s
(WDCE) is authorized todevelop and implement
policies andprocedures fornon-credit activities
utilizing theContinuingEducationUnit as the
standardunit ofmeasurement of individual
a. TheContinuingEducationUnit (CEU) is aunit that
certifiesparticipation innon-credit continuing
education courses andprograms. Theprimary
purposeof theCEU is toprovide apermanent record
of educational accomplishments of an individualwho
has completedoneormore significant educational
b. TMCC follows the InternationalAssociationof
ContinuingEducationandTraining (IACET) guidelines
for the recordingofContinuingEducationUnits (CEUs).
OneCEU is ten (10) contact hours of participation in
anorganized continuing education experienceunder
responsible sponsorship, capabledirection, andqualified
C. Course andProgramQualifications
Non-credit courses andprograms forwhich
individualsmaybe awardedContinuingEducation
Units shall satisfy the following criteria:
a. The courseorprogram shall beplanned tomeet the
educational needs of a specific target populationof
b. The following elements shall bedeterminedduring the
planning stages andprior to the time theprogram is
approved for implementation: purposes andobjectives;
student performance requirements; evaluation
procedures suitable formeasuring the effectiveness of
designandoperation; and thenumber of contact hours
tobe recommended for satisfactory completionof
performance requirements.
c. The courseorprogram shall beof an instructional
nature approvedbyWorkforceDevelopment&
ContinuingEducationwhichwill determine thequality
of courseorprogram content and resourcepersonnel.
d. WDCE shall provide for student registrationwhichwill
include thegatheringof sufficient information from
the student to ensure apermanent recordof individual
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