2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 377

F-377 2014-2015
CSA’s include:
• HumanResources
• Student Services
• HighTechCenter atRedfieldmanager
• MeadowoodCentermanager
• IGTAppliedTechnologyCentermanager
• Neil J. RedfieldFoundationPerformingArts
• InstructionalDeans
LawEnforcement agencies queried are:
• RenoPoliceDepartment
• WashoeCountySchoolDistrict Police
• UniversityofNevada, RenoPoliceDepartment
It is thepolicyofNSHE tobe sensitive to the
religious obligations of its students. Religion is
one areaof diversity recognizedbyTMCC.Any
studentmissing class, quizzes, examinations or
anyother class or labworkbecauseof observance
of religious holidays shall,whenever possible, be
given anopportunityduring that semester tomake
up themissedwork.Themake-upwill apply to
the religious holiday absenceonly. It shall be the
responsibilityof the student tonotify the instructor
inwriting, on thefirst dayof class orno later
than10days in advance, of his or her intention to
participate in religious holidayswhichdonot fall on
stateholidays or periods of class recess. Examples of
suchholidays areRoshHashanah andYomKippur.
If the student hasnotified the instructor in a timely
manner, and the instructorwill not provide an
opportunity tomakeup thework, the student shall
have the right to appeal thedecision.This appeal
shall bedirected to thedeanof the instructional
divisionor other appropriate administrativeofficer,
whowill be thefinal authority for determining
whether amake-up is feasible.
TMCCdiscourages students, staff andvisitors from
leaving childrenunsupervised in thebuildingor
campus grounds. TMCC employees andpolice
personnelwill try to locateparents or other adults
responsible for the children and ask that children
not be leftunsupervised.
Continued lackof supervisionof children can
result inTMCC staff andpolicepersonnel
Services. Responsible adultsmay face charges of
abandonment and/orneglect of younger children.
Parents or adults responsible for children are
encouraged tofind appropriate care for their
childrenduring theperiod they are attending classes
Children arenot allowed to sit inonTMCC classes.
Any exception to this policymust be approvedby
the instructor.
Parents seekingdrop-in child care services can call
theChildCareResource andReferral Services at
775-856-6200or 1-800-753-5500 for a list of child
care facilities.
StudentBill ofRights
TruckeeMeadowsCommunityCollege exists for the
transmissionof knowledge, thepursuit of truth, the
development of students, and the generalwellbeing
of society. Free inquiry and free expression are
indispensable to the attainment of these goals.As
members of the academic community, students
shouldbe encouraged todevelop the capacity for
critical judgment and to engage in a sustained and
independent search for truth. Freedom to teach and
freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic
freedom.The freedom to learndepends upon
opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on
the campus, and in the larger community.
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