2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 370

F-370 2014-2015
This annual security report information is being
provided as part of theTMCC commitment to
safety and securityon campus and is in compliance
with the JeanneCleryDisclosureofCampus
SecurityPolicy andCampusCrime StatisticsAct
(CleryAct) as amendedby theHigherEducation
OpportunityAct of 2008 (HEOA).
TMCC is a state-supported institutionof higher
educationwithin theNevadaSystemofHigher
Education (NSHE).TheDandiniCampus is located
approximately10minutesnorthof downtownReno
in the foothills ofRedPeak.TheHighTechCenter
atRedfield is located at 18600WedgeParkway,
BuildingB.TheMeadowoodCenter is located
at 5270Neil Road.The IGTAppliedTechnology
Center is located at EdisonWay andEnergyWay.
TheNell J. RedfieldFoundationPerformingArts
Center is locatedonKeystoneAvenue.
Communitymembers, students, faculty, staff, and
guests are encouraged to report all crimes and
public safety related incidents toTMCCPolice
Department in a timelymanner.
To report a crime inprogress or an emergency, dial
9-1-1.Non-emergency crimes or incidents shouldbe
made to theTMCCPoliceDepartment at 775-674-
7900. Fire, police and emergencymedical personnel
are available throughdialing9-1-1.
Tomake an anonymous report of a crime youhave
seenor to report information related to a crime,
contact the SecretWitness hotline at 322-4900.
TMCCPoliceDepartment is responsible for
coordinationof law enforcement, safety and
emergency response atTMCC.Thepolice
department is locatedon theDandiniCampus
in room241of theRedMountainBuilding, 7000
Dandini Blvd., Reno,NV89512.
There are exterior emergencyphones housed in
bluemetal poles located at the following locations
throughout the campus grounds:
• At the front entrance to theE.L. CordChild
• On thenorth sideof the SierraBuildingnear
parking lot “I”
• On the south sideof theVistaBuildingnear
parking lot “AA” and theRTCAccess for
paratransit doors
• On thenorth sideof theRedMountainBuilding
near theRTCbus stop
• On thewest sideof theRedMountainBuilding
near themailroom
• On the south sideof theE.L. CordChildCare
Facilitynear parking lot “BB”
• At themain south side entrance to the Sierra
• On thenorth sideof the SierraBuilding in
parking lot “G”
IGTAppliedTechnologyCenter (EDSN)
• On the southeast corner of the campusnext to
theparking lot
MeadowoodCenter (MDWS)
• On thenortheast corner of the campusnext to
theparking lot
• On the southeast corner of the centernext to the
parking lot
HighTechCenteratRedfield (HTCR)
• On thenorth sideof theTMCCRedfield
building east sideof theparking lot
operatorsandshouldbeused foremergenciesonly.
Access toCampusFacilities
Campus buildings and facilities are accessible to
members of the campus community andboth
guests andvisitors duringnormal hours of business,
Monday-Friday and limitedhours onSaturdays.The
campus is closedonSundays and stateholidays.
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