2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 369

F-369 2014-2015
7. Retaliation
Retaliationagainst an individualwho ingood faith
complains of alleged sexual harassment orprovides
information inan investigationabout behavior that
mayviolate thispolicy is against the law,will not
be tolerated, andmaybegrounds fordiscipline.
Retaliation inviolationof thispolicymay result in
disciplineup toand including terminationand/or
expulsion.Any employeeor student bringinga sexual
harassment complaint or assisting in the investigation
of sucha complaintwill not be adverselyaffected in
terms and conditions of employment and/or academic
standing, nordiscriminatedagainst, terminated,
or expelledbecauseof the complaint. Intentionally
providing false information is alsogrounds for
“Retaliation”may include, but isnot limited to, such
conduct as:
• thedenial of adequatepersonnel toperformduties;
• frequent replacement ofmembers of the staff;
• frequent andundesirable changes in the locationof an
• the refusal toassignmeaningfulwork;
• unwarranteddisciplinaryaction;
• unfairworkperformance evaluations;
• a reduction inpay;
• thedenial of apromotion;
• adismissal;
• a transfer;
• frequent changes inworkinghours orworkdays;
• anunfair grade;
• anunfavorable reference letter.
8. Relationship toFreedomofExpression
TheNSHE is committed to theprinciples of free
inquiryand free expression.Vigorousdiscussionand
debate are fundamental rights and thispolicy isnot
intended to stifle teachingmethods or freedomof
expression. Sexual harassment, however, isneither
legallyprotected expressionnor theproper exercise
of academic freedom; it compromises the integrityof
institutions, the traditionof intellectual freedomand
the trust placed in the institutionsby theirmembers.
As apart of theDrug-Free Schools and
CommunitiesAct, campuses are asked toprovide
students and employeeswith informationon
campus rules and regulations pertaining to alcohol
andother drugs, thehealth and social effects, legal
sanctions and counseling and treatment programs
Standards of Conduct
distribution, dispensation, possessionor useof
alcohol and illegal drugs is prohibited; a violation
of any suchprohibitionwill result indisciplinary
actionup to and including terminationof
employment or expulsionof students.
TheTMCCpresident has the authority todesignate
the time andplace for special eventswhere alcoholic
beveragesmaybe servedon theTMCC campus to
persons 21-years-oldor over. Except as provided
above, the storage, possessionor useof alcoholic
beverages isnot permittedonTMCC-ownedor
Any student or employeewho exhibits offensive
behavior onTMCC-ownedor supervisedproperty
whileunder the influenceof alcoholicbeverages
or illegal drugs shall be subject todisciplinary
action (NSHEBoardofRegentsHandbook, Title 4,
Chapter 20).
Legal Sanctions
—Any act prohibitedby local, state
or federal lawwhichoccurs onTMCCpremises
or at aTMCC-sponsored functiononor off such
premises shall constitute cause for disciplinewhich,
for students, can include awarning, reprimand,
restitution, probation, suspensionor expulsion.
Sanctions against employees can include anyof the
above in addition to terminationof employment.
It is thepolicyof the StateofNevada,with respect
to employees of state agencies, that theunlawful
manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession
or useof a controlled substance in theworkplace is
prohibited.Any employeewhoviolates this policy
is subject todisciplinary actionwhichmay include
terminationof employment.The specifics of the
policy are addressed inChapter 453of theRevised
Statutes ofNevada,NevadaAdministrativeCode
Federal penalties for trafficking in
methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, PCP,
LSD, fentanyl,marijuana andhashish include
imprisonment for five years to life andfines of up to
$8million. Federal penalties for illegal possession
of a controlled substance include imprisonment for
one year to20years andfines of up to$250,000.
Formore information related todrug/alcohol abuse,
please refer to the following:
I...,359,360,361,362,363,364,365,366,367,368 370,371,372,373,374,375,376,377,378,379,...392