2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 360

F-360 2014-2015
Any event that brings adignitary, high-profile
personormajor or controversial speaker on
Standard collegemeeting for facultyand staffare
exempt from this approval process.
III. Sponsors of eventswhich involveprofessional
performers, speakers or artists,maypayat a rate
agreeduponby theperformer, the sponsor and the
Coordinator of StudentActivities andLeadership.
D. Reservationof facilities formeetings or other
a. The sponsor of anapprovedprogrammust reserve the
desired facility inaccordancewith campuspolicyand
basedon facility space.Determinationof the availability
of the facility shall bemadeby the schedulingoffice.
b. Facilities arenormallyavailableduring the regular
operational hours of the college. Special permission
is required for facilityuseondays andhourswhen
the college isnot offering instructional programs.The
college can require theorganization topay for facility
use and/or special supervisionand security in these
c. Once the availabilityof a facilityhasbeen established,
the sponsormust confirm the reservationwith the
Coordinator of StudentActivities andLeadership.
d. Programsmust be implemented in suchamanner so
asnot to constitute interferencewith the instructional
programs or general collegeoperations.Onlyat times
when classes arenot in sessionmay soundamplifying
equipment beused.
Distributionofmaterials:The college regulations
governing thedistributionof printedand
manufacturedmaterials aredesigned topermit
maximum freedomof expressionand toprevent
attempts to coerceor intimidate students intobuying
or receivingprintedmaterials.
a. Organizationsdesiring todistribute suchmaterial on
campusmust identify theorganizationand request
approval from theDirector ofRetentionandSupport
Services ordesignee.
b. Distributionof anymaterial in classrooms is expressly
c. Commercialmaterialmaynot bedistributedatTMCC
unless it includes the followingdisclaimer:
Note:The contents of this document does not reflect
the opinions or endorsement byTMCC; not printedor
distributedatTMCC expense; deliverybeyonddrop-box
level is optional.
d. Materialsmaybedistributedat designatedareas, the
atriumor at scheduledmeetings.
e. Tablesmaynot be scheduled forperiods longer thanone
weekat a time.
f. Tablesmust be staffedat all timeswithaplacard
identifying theorganizationdisplayed.
g. Thedistributionofmaterials is tobe coordinatedwith
theDirector of StudentActivities andLeadership. An
information copyof anymaterial tobedistributed
must bear thenameof the sponsor.Distributionof any
material on campus is subject to the approval of the
Director of StudentActivities andLeadership.
h. Writtenmaterial of anykind isnot tobedistributed
inparkingareas. Suchdistributionofmaterials on the
windshields of cars or other locations that results in
litteringmaybe consideredby the college as aviolation
of the littering lawand thedistributor and/or company
or organization responsiblemaybe subject toafine.
i. The collectionof signatures forpetitions or request for
completionof surveys is subject to the same regulations
as thosewhichgoverndistributionofmaterials. Such
matters shouldbe submitted to theDirector of Student
Activities andLeadership.
Fundraisingon campus
a. Theprocedure for solicitation should follow that
outlined in “procedures forpresentations of programs or
activities” (SectionC).
b. The solicitations of funds in classrooms is expressly
c. All funds collected for anactivityon campus (including
membershipdues)must bedeposited to the credit of the
organization involvedwith the college cashierwithin24
hours of collection. Fundsmaybewithdrawn through
thenormal fund expenditureprocedures outlinedby the
d. Tables for fund raisingpurposesmaybeplacedonly in
G. Postingofmaterials
a. Allmaterials tobepostedby student organizationsmust
be approvedby thePublic InformationOffice, RDMT
201and stampedat theDandini Campus, RDMT315.
b. Allmaterialsmust clearlydesignate the sponsoring
organization, contact name, and contact phonenumber
or email address.
c. Materialmaybe authorized forpostingonlyonbulletin
boards locatedoutside classroomsunlessdesignated
fordepartment useonly.Anymaterial posted in
unauthorized locations, orwithout being stamped, is
subject to removal.
d. Materialmaynot bepostedondoors, painted surfaces,
classrooms, or outsideof buildings. Bulletinboards
outside classrooms are available for thepostingof
material ona space availablebasis. Sponsors are
responsible for the removal of theirmaterial after the
expirationdateor once thematerial becomes obsolete.
Anyobsoletematerialmaybe removedbyanymember
of the college staff.
e. Thenumber and sizeof posters anyoneorganization
maypost is subject to limitation.
H. Alcoholicbeverages: If agroupor organizationdesires
to serve alcohol for a special event onor off campus
theymust submit awritten request to thepresident
of the college.The collegepresident has the authority
todesignate the time andplace for special events
where alcoholicbeveragesmaybe served. If serving
of alcohol is approved, the sponsormust provide
approved security to check identificationof any
student attending the function to ensure compliance
withNevadaStateLawand the legal andappropriate
useof alcohol.
Organizations that arenot affiliatedwithTMCC
must request approval from to conduct activities or
events on the campus.
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