2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 355

F-355 2014-2015
Reserves arematerial that instructors haveplaced
in the library for student use.They areusually
related to aparticular course.With few exceptions,
reserves are for in-houseuseonly andmaynot be
removed from the library. Reservematerial that is
not returnedor is returneddamagedwill result in
a replacement finebeing charged to thepatron’s
account.Unreturnedor damagedbooks, videos and
othermaterialwill result in a fee equivalent to the
replacement cost of that item.
General librarymaterialsmaybe renewedonce for
aperiodof time equal to theoriginal loanperiod,
unless thematerial has been requestedby another
patron. Patronsmay renewmaterials online, in
person, or byphoneby calling inwith theirTMCC
• Allmaterialmust be returned to thebranch
fromwhich itwas originallyborrowed.There is
noguaranteed returnofmaterial to theoriginal
branchby the library.
• Patronswith librarymaterials that are tendays
overduewill receive a letter requesting that
thematerial be returned.Material that isnot
returnedor is returneddamagedwill result in a
replacement fine.
• Replacement fines for lost or damaged items
must bepaidbybringing a copyof thefine
letter to theCashier’sOffice inRDMT318.The
patronmust bring a receipt showingpayment
in full back to the library inorder for his or her
accountwith the library tobe cleared.
1. Theprovisions of theTMCCParkingCode,
hereinafter referred toas theCode, are adopted for
thepurposeof promoting safe andorderlyparking
within theboundaries of theTruckeeMeadows
CommunityCollegemain campus, its satellite
centers; or grounds andproperties owned, operated,
or controlledbyTMCC.
2. All parkingprovisions ofNevadaRevisedStatutes
andRenoMunicipal Code are expresslyapplicableon
theCollege except for thoseprovisions,whichby their
3. Parkingofmotor vehicles on theCollege is limited to
speciallydesignatedareas set forth in the articles of
this code.Vehicle registration is required.Vehicles
parked inviolationof this code are subject tofines,
booting, and towing.
4. All personswho enter theCollege are chargedwith
knowing theprovisions of theCode andare subject to
thepenalties for violations of suchprovisions.
5. All current provisions of theTMCCParkingCode
shall bemaintained forpublic inspectionat all times
at theTMCCPoliceDepartment, thePresident’s
Office, and theAcademicAffairs andStudentAffairs
The followingparking rules and regulations are
adoptedby theCollege to facilitateparking and
toprovide for the safetyof all persons atTruckee
MeadowsCommunityCollege.These rules and
regulations are in effect at all times.
Article I -Enforcement
NRS289.350–Members of PoliceDepartment
ofUniversity andCommunityCollege System
ofNevada grantsTMCCpoliceofficers powers
within the confines and along theperimeter of
Collegeproperty. TMCC authorizesTMCCPolice
Department to issueparking citationswithin its
boundaries.All duly swornofficers of theTMCC
PoliceDepartmentmay enforce theprovisions of
these articles, or other suchpersons as assignedby
theChief of Police. Said citationsmaybe issued for
violations of:
1. Regulations set forthbyTMCC.
2. All applicableprovisions ofNevadaRevisedStatutes
andRenoMunicipal Code relating to theparkingof
All TMCCParking citations shall include a
warning,which states: “Repeatedviolationsmay
result in the immobilizingor towingof the vehicle.”
Article II -ParkingRegulations
Painted curbs are an indicationof restricted
parking and the color of the curbdenotes the type
of parking allowed.The following color code is
RedZone: Indicatesnoparkingor stopping at any
timewhether the vehicle is attendedornot.
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