2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 353

F-353 2014-2015
• FinancialAidoffice:may includefinancial aid
records, scholarship records, and employment
records.The custodianof these records is the
director of financial aid.
• Instructional departments:may include records
of students under the JobTrainingPartnership
Act (JTPA) and records relating to student
academic coursework. Custodianof these
records is the vicepresident of academic affairs.
• SpecialTrainingProjects:may include recordsof
studentsunderAdultBasicEducation (ABE)and
EnglishasaSecondLanguage (ESL).Thecustodian
of these records is thecoordinatorof adultbasic
education/Englishasa second language.
Studentsmaynot inspect the followingasoutlined
by theAct:financial informationsubmittedby their
parents; confidential lettersandrecommendations
associatedwithadmissions, employment, jobplacement
orhonors towhich theyhavewaived theirrights
of inspectionandreview;oreducational records
containing informationaboutmore thanonestudent,
inwhichcase thecampuswillpermitaccessonly to
thatpartof therecordwhichpertains to the inquiring
student.Thecampus isnotrequired topermita
student to inspectandreviewconfidential lettersand
recommendationsplaced in thestudent’sfileprior to
January1,1975provided those letterswerecollected
usedonly for thepurpose forwhich theywerecollected.
Studentswhobelieve that their educational records
contain information that is inaccurateormisleading
or is otherwise inviolationof their privacyor
other rightsmaydiscuss their problem informally
with the custodianof that record. If thedecision
is in agreementwith the student’s request, the
appropriate recordswill be amended. If not, the
studentwill benotifiedwithin a reasonableperiod
of time that the recordwill not be amended, and
will be informedby the custodianof the recordof
any right to a formal hearingbefore the student
appeals board, except in the caseof a grade
appeal.Thepolicyongrade appeals is printed in
theparagraph “Appeal ofGrade” in theAppeals
Procedures sectionof this course catalog. Student
requests for a formal hearingmust bemade in
writing to the associatedeanof institutional
support.A studentmaypresent, at the student’s
expense, evidence relevant to the issues raised and
maybe assistedor represented at thehearingby
choosingoneormorepersons, including attorneys.
Recommendations of the student appeals board
will bebased solelyon the evidencepresented at the
hearing andwill bepresented to thepresident for
approval or disapproval.Decisions of thepresident
or designeewill consist ofwritten statements
summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons
for thedecision, andwill bedelivered to all
parties concerned.The educational recordswill
be correctedor amended in accordancewith the
decisionof theboard if thedecision is in favor of
the student. If thedecision is unsatisfactory to the
student, the studentmayplacewith the educational
records a statement setting forth any reason for
disagreeingwith thedecisionof theBoard.The
statementwill beplaced in the educational records,
maintained as apart of the student’s records and
releasedwhenever the records inquestion are
Studentswhobelieve that the adjudicationof
their challengewas unfair, ornot inkeeping
with theprovisions of theActmay request in
writing, assistance from thepresident ofTMCC.
Further, studentswhobelieve their rights have
been abridged,mayfile complaintswith the
FamilyEducational Rights andPrivacyAct office,
Department ofHealth, Education andWelfare,
Washington,D.C. 20201, concerning the alleged
failureofTMCC to complywith theAct. Revisions
and clarifications of collegepolicieswill be
published as experiencewith the lawwarrants.
PrivacyAct of 1974 requires thatwhen any federal,
stateor local government agency requests disclosure
of an individual’s social securitynumber, that
individualmust alsobe advisedwhether that
disclosure ismandatoryor voluntary, bywhat
statutoryor other authority thenumber is solicited
andwhat usewill bemadeof it.
Accordingly, students are advised that disclosure
of their social securitynumber isnot required
as a conditionof registration atTMCC. Students
desiring to registerwhodonotwish todisclose
their social securitynumbermaybe assigned
a special 10-digit student identifiernumber by
theAdmissions andRecords office. Students are
responsible for utilizing the same identifiernumber
throughout their attendance atTMCC to ensure
accurate and complete records.
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