2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 352

F-352 2014-2015
At the registrar’s discretion, the campusmay
providedirectory information to agencies,
businesses and individualswith legitimate interest
in the educational or career goals of the student, in
accordancewith theprovisions of theAct to include:
student name, address, telephonenumber, email
address(es), semesters of enrollment, full-time/part-
time status, degree(s) awarded, emphasis field(s),
certificatefield(s), honors and awards, anddate(s) of
Under theprovisions of FERPA, school officialsmay
releasedirectory information at their discretion
without prior consent of the student.A “school
official” is anyperson employedby the college in an
administrative, supervisory, academic, researchor
support staffposition (including law enforcement
units and studentworkers); apersonof a company
withwhom the collegehas contracted (such as
an attorney, auditor or collection agent); aperson
servingon theBoardofRegents; aperson assisting
another school official inperforminghis or her
Studentsmayhavedirectory informationwithheld
by changing their security settings in their online
StudentCenter. TMCC assumes that failure to
specifically request thewithholdingof directory
information indicates individual approval for
disclosure. TMCCmaintains records of requests and
disclosures of personally identifiable information
with the exceptionof the informationdisclosed to
parties described above in theperformanceof their
duties.The records of request,whether grantedor
not, shall include thenames of thepersonswho
requested the information and their legitimate
interests in the information.
The lawprovides studentswith the right to inspect
and review information in their educational records,
to challenge the content of their educational records,
tohave ahearing if theoutcomeof the challenge is
unsatisfactory, and to submit explanatory statements
for inclusion in their file if they feel thedecisionof
thehearingpanel tobeunacceptable.
Studentswishing to review their educational records
must file awritten requestwith the custodianof the
records listing the itemor items of interest. Records
coveredby theActwill bemade available for
inspectionwithin45days of the request. Students
mayhave copiesmadeof their recordswith certain
exceptions, e.g., a copyof academic records for
which afinancial hold exists, or a transcript of an
original or sourcedocumentwhich exists elsewhere.
Copieswouldbemade at the students’ expenseof
onedollar per page. Educational records donot
include records of instructional, administrative
and educational personnelwhich are in the sole
possessionof themaker and arenot accessible
or revealed to any individual except a temporary
substitute; records of the law enforcement unit;
employment records or alumni records. Persons
whohavenot enrolledmaynot review their
educational records.
Educational recordsmaybe located in the following
offices ofTMCC.
• Administration:may includedisciplinary
hearing records, and student appeal documents.
The custodianof these records is thedivision
administrator.This officemay alsohave records
of disciplinary investigations.The custodian
of these records is the associatedeanof
instructional support.
• Admissions andRecords office:may include
application for admission, transcripts of
previous training, resident fee application,
applications for change in tuition status,
letters of recommendation, academic records,
registrationmaterials, veteran certification
records.The custodianof these records is the
director of admissions and registrar.
• Business office:may include registration
payments, student loanfiles andmiscellaneous
fee records. Custodianof the records is the
• Institutional Research andAssessment office:
may include test scores.The custodianof these
records is theExecutiveDirector of Institutional
• StudentDevelopment office:may include appeals
andgrievances.The custodianof these records is
thedeanof student services.
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