2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 351

F-351 2014-2015
Studentswithquestions regardingwithdrawal from
courses are encouraged tovisit theFinancialAid
Office to contact theTMCCVACertifyingOfficial.
3. Attendance—Students are expected toattend
all classes forwhich theyhave registered. If an
instructor indicates that a student has “stopped
attending” and is issuedan “F” forNon-Attendance,
anadjusted certificationwill be submitted toVeterans
Administration.Thismay result in theveteran
student having topaybackaportionof their veterans
educationbenefit received for that semester.
ProgressionStandards forF-1 International
StudentsonTMCC’s I-20
Inorder tomaintain full-time student status,
International studentswithF-l visas onTMCC’s
I-20mustmeet the followinggradepoint average,
attendance and credit completion requirements.
The studentmust enroll in andmaintain a
minimumof 12 credit hours per academic semester.
In certain circumstances enrollment in fewer than
12 creditsmaybe approvedby the foreign student’s
advisor. If a student fails tomaintain the 12 credits,
he/shemayneed tobe reinstated toF-1 status by
The studentmustmaintain a gradepoint average
(GPA) of 2.0 andmake satisfactory academic
progress to remain ingood standing.
For purposes ofmeeting academicperformance as
outlined in this policy, letter grades are interpreted
as the followingdefinitions and categories:
a. A coursewill be considered complete if agradeof “A,”
B,” “C,” “D,” “F,” “S,” “U,”or “P” is awarded.
b. A coursewill not be considered complete if agradeof
“W,” “I,” “IP,” “AD,” “NR,”or “X” is awarded.
Students are expected to attend all classes forwhich
theyhave registered. Progress reports are required
each semester toverify attendance andprogress in
each course.
StatementofPolicy inAccordancewith the
Each semester, TMCCpublishes information in
the class schedule for students concerning the
FamilyEducational Rights andPrivacyAct of
1974, as amended.This actwas designed toprotect
theprivacyof educational records and toprovide
guidelines for the correctionof inaccurateor
misleadingdata through informal and formal
hearings.This isnot ameans for challenging the
fairness of a grade.A studentwishing to challenge
the fairness of a grade should read the sectionon
Appeal ofGrade in theAppealsProcedures section
of this course catalog.
Noone shall have access to, norwill the campus
disclose any information from a student’s
educational recordswithout thewritten consent
of the student except topersonnelwithin the
institution and collegework study students
performinganassigned college function; theNevada
SystemofHigherEducation; Policeperforming an
assignedSystem function; theControllerGeneral of
theUnitedStates; the Secretaryof theUnitedStates
Department ofHealth, Education andWelfare;
theUnitedStatesCommissioner of Education; the
Assistant Secretaryof Education; theNevadaState
EducationDepartment; officials of other institutions
inwhich the student is seeking to enroll; to
accrediting agencies carryingout their accreditation
function; topersons in compliancewith a judicial
order; toparentswhohave established the
student’s dependency as definedby the Internal
RevenueCodeof 1954, Section152; toofficials
providing student financial aid; to theVeterans
Administration, Social SecurityAdministration,
theGuaranteedStudent Loanprogram,Wells Fargo
Bank, BankofAmerica, ChaseManhattanBank,
CityBankCorporationofNewYork and theUnited
StudentAidFund; toorganizations conducting
studies for or onbehalf of educational agencies
and topersons in an emergency inorder toprotect
thehealth and safetyof students or other persons.
Studentsmay authorize the releaseof non-directory
information to specific individuals by accessing the
ThirdPartyRelease link in their online Student
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