2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 350

F-350 2014-2015
Students atTruckeeMeadowsCommunityCollege
mustmaintain satisfactory academicprogress
toward adegree, emphasis, or certificate to
remain ingood standing. Studentswhomeet the
satisfactory academicprogress requirements are
considered tobe in “good standing” status.
The collegehas established andwill apply the
following standards of academicprogress to all
degree-seeking (program) students.This policy
applies to the general student population.Additional
progress standards formillennium scholarship
andfinancial aid recipients are appliedwhen
GradePointAverage(GPA):All TMCCprogram
students are required tomaintain aminimum
cumulative 2.0GPA.
Studentswho fall below a2.0GPAwill be required
to enroll in theAcademic SuccessKit (ASK)
Program. ContactCounseling at 775-673-7060.
To review thepolicy in its entiretygo
ProgressionStandards forMillennium
Please refer to the
call 702-486-3383.
ProgressionStandards forFinancialAid
Federal andState regulations require all financial
aid recipients tomeet establishedprogress
For completedetails, go
and clickon
“FinancialAidAcademicProgressAppeal Policy”
for additional information.
ProgressionStandards forStudentsReceiving
Students usingVA educationbenefits atTruckee
satisfactory academicprogress toward adegreeor
certificate to remain ingood standing. Students
whomeet the satisfactory academicprogress
requirements are considered tobe in “good
standing” status.
Tobe eligible for veterans educationbenefits,
studentsmustmeet the followinggradepoint
average, credit completion and attendance
requirements inorder tomaintain eligibility.
Theseprogression standardsmay affect a student’s
eligibility to continue touse veterans education
Veteran studentswho feel, becauseof extenuating
circumstances, theyhavenot been able tomeet
their progression standards,may submit an appeal
to theFinancialAidAcademicProgressAppeals
Committee. Satisfactoryprogress is defined as
1. GradePointAverage—Studentsmustmaintaina
minimum cumulativegradepoint averageof 2.00.
As the “W” gradehasno impact indetermining the
gradepoint average, it is interpretedasno credit, as if
the classwerenever taken.Anadjusted certification
will be submitted to theVeteransAdministration for
anyveteran studentwho receives a “W” grade.This
may result in theveteran student having topayback
aportionof their veterans educationbenefits received
for that semester.
2. CreditCompletion—Veteran studentsmust carefully
review their courses anddegreeprogram toassure
a. nomore than thenumber of credits required for the
degreehavebeen earned; and
b. all such credits aredirectlyapplicable to thedegree
To ensure that all courses are applicable, students
usingVA educationbenefitsmust report all previous
educationand training to the college. It is the
student’s responsibility toorder transcripts from
institutionspreviouslyattended.After two semesters
of enrollment, theDepartment ofVeteransAffairs
will benotified if the student has failed toorder
transcripts.Thismay result inadelayor cessationof
veterans educationbenefits.This includes any credits
awardedbefore the student beganusingveterans
educationbenefits.Veteransmaybedenied education
benefits or asked to reimburse educationbenefits
received for credit earned in excess of theirdegree
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