2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 344

F-344 2014-2015
d. In exceptional cases,where the applicationof these
regulationsworks an injustice toan individualwho
technicallydoesnot qualifyas a resident student,
butwhose status, eitherbecauseof the residenceof
the student orhis family, is suchas to fallwithin the
general intent of these regulations, then the appellate
board shall have the authority todetermine that sucha
student be classifiedas a resident student. It is the intent
of thisprovision that it applies only in the infrequent,
exceptional caseswhere a strict applicationof these
regulations results, in the sole judgment of the appellate
board, inanobvious injustice.
10. UniformityofDecisions
Thedecisionof an institutionof theNevadaSystem
ofHigherEducation togrant resident student or
nonresident status to aperson shall behonored at
other System institutions unless apersonobtained
resident student status under falsepretenses or the
facts existing at the time resident student status
was grantedhave significantly changed. Students
grantednonresident student status by an institution
retain the right to apply for reclassificationunder
theprovisionof the chapter.
These regulations took effect in theNevadaSystem
ofHigherEducation at thebeginningof the
spring semester 1997 for eachSystem institution.
However, the applicationof these regulations shall
not affect the status of any student now classified
as a resident (in-state) student before the effective
dateof these regulations.Any student enrolled in
aSystem institutionprior to thebeginningof the
spring semester 1997whohadbeen classified as
anonresident (out-of-state) student is eligible for
reclassification as a resident student under theBoard
ofRegents residency regulations in effect at the time
the student commencedhis or her current period
of continuous enrollment.No reclassificationunder
these regulations shall give rise to any claim for
refundof tuition alreadypaid to theNevadaSystem
NOTICE:Filinga falseDeclarationofIntentof
Residencywillresult inthepaymentofnonresident
tuition fortheperiodoftimeastudentwas
Code.Disciplinarysanctions includeawarning,
reprimand,probation, suspensionorexpulsion.
TheNSHEBoardofRegents eliminated theGood
NeighborNonresidentTuitionPolicy effectiveFall
2011.All students receiving thediscount at the time
theGoodNeighborPolicywas eliminated are grand
fathered andmay continue to receive thediscount
so long as they are continually enrolled. (B/R6/11)
PerNSHEBoardofRegents policy, institutions
shall determineprocedures to ensure that
resident determinations are accurateon the
basis of information reportedon the application
for admissionpursuant to theBoardpolicy. If
documentation isnot required for each student
during the admissionprocess, every fall and
spring the institution shall conduct random audits
by selecting at least 10percent of the applicant
population and collecting the appropriate
documentation from each student confirming
residency status as originally reportedon the
student’s application for admission. (B/R6/10)
TransferCreditPolicyon theEvaluationof
1. AdvancedStanding fromOtherColleges and
a. Applicantsmust submit anofficial transcript fromall
colleges anduniversitiespreviouslyattended.
b. The accreditationof the institutionbyoneof the eight
regional accreditingorganizations and the listing
published in theAmericanAssociationofCollegiate
Registrars andAdmissionsOfficersTransferCredit
Practices ofDesignatedEducational Institutions
governs the acceptanceof transfer credit.The eight
regional accreditingorganizations includes:Middle
StatesAssociationofColleges andSchoolsMiddle
StatesCommissiononHigherEducation (MSCHE),
NewEnglandAssociationof Schools andColleges
Commissionon Institutions ofHigherEducation
(NEASC-CIHE),NewEnglandAssociationof Schools
andCollegesCommissiononTechnical andCareer
Institutions (NEASC-CTCI),NorthCentralAssociation
ofColleges andSchoolsTheHigherLearning
Commission (NCA-HLC),NorthwestCommission
onColleges andUniversities (NWCCU), Southern
AssociationofColleges andSchools (SACS)Commission
onColleges,WesternAssociationof Schools and
CollegesAccreditingCommission forCommunityand
JuniorColleges (WASC-ACCJC),WesternAssociationof
Schools andCollegesAccreditingCommission for Senior
Colleges andUniversities (WASC-ACSCU).
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