2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 339

F-339 2014-2015
Regulations forDeterminingResidencyand
These regulations havebeen enacted toprovide
uniform rules throughout theNevadaSystemof
HigherEducation (the “System”) and allmember
institutions thereof, for thepurposeof determining
whether students shall be classified as resident
students ornonresident students for tuition charges.
For thepurposes of these regulations, the terms
statedbelow shall have the followingmeanings.
1. “Alien”means apersonwho isnot a citizenof the
UnitedStates ofAmerica.
2. “ArmedForces of theUnitedStates”means theArmy,
theNavy, theAirForce, theMarineCorps and the
CoastGuardonactivedutyanddoesnot include the
NationalGuardor other reserve force.
3. “Clear and convincing evidence”means evidence
that is clear in the sense that it isnot ambiguous,
equivocal or contradictoryand convincing in the
sense that it is of such credible, reliable, authentic and
relevant nature as to evoke confidence in the truthof
4. “Continuously enrolled”means enrollmentwithin
anormal academic year forwhich continuous
enrollment is claimed.Apersonneednot attend
summer sessions or otherbetween-semester sessions
inorder tobe continuously enrolled.
5. “Dateofmatriculation”means thefirst dayof
instruction in the semester or term inwhich
enrollment of student first occurs, except that at the
UniversityofNevadaSchool ofMedicine itmeans
thedate that anoticeof admittance is sent toa
student, andat the community colleges it excludes
correspondence courses and community service
courseswhicharenot state funded.Apersonwho
enrolled inan institutionof theNevadaSystemof
HigherEducationbutwithdrew enrollment during
the100% refundperiod,may for thepurposes of
these regulations, bedeemednot tohavematriculated
andanydetermination concerning residency status
shall bevoideduntil such time as thepersonagain
enrolls at aSystem institution.
6. “Dependent”means apersonwho isnot financially
independent and is claimedas an exemption for
federal income taxpurposesunder Section152of the
Internal RevenueCode (26U.S.C. §152) byanother
person for themost recent taxyear.
7. “Family”means thenatural or legallyadoptiveparent
orparents of adependent person, or if oneparent has
legal custodyof adependent person, that parent.
Toqualify for admission to a community college,
an international studentmust satisfy the following
1. Official evidenceof an educational level equivalent
tograduation fromanaccreditedUnitedStateshigh
a. Official evidenceof an educational level equivalent
tograduation fromanaccreditedUnitedStateshigh
school. Official transcripts of permanent academic
records (must be inEnglish). Applicants shouldhave
their transcripts certifiedornotarizedbyanappropriate
official prior to submitting them for evaluation.
2. Competency in theEnglish language asdefined in
the college cataloggoverning the semester of initial
enrollment; and
a. Studentswho speakEnglishas a second language should
be able todemonstrateEnglishpreparedness for college
classesbyhaving completedoneof the following:
IntensiveEnglishLanguageCenter (IELC) atUNR
International TOEFL scoreof at least 61 (iBT) or 500
(PBT). (Institution code: 4960).
III. Completionof ENG113orENG101 (or equivalent) at
aU.S. collegeoruniversity.
Passing scores in the readingandwriting sections of
theU.S. high school proficiency examinations.
International EnglishLanguageTestingSystem
(IELTS -must be academicversion)withan
equivalency scoreof 6.
VI. ScholasticAptitudeTest (SAT) scoreof 500orhigher
on theCritical Reading (formerlyVerbal) section.
CollegeBoardCode: 1096.
VII. AmericanCollegeTesting (ACT) scoreof 21or
higher. CollegeCode: 2499.
Exemption: Students coming from the following
English-speaking countries are exempt from the
English language testing requirements: Australia,
Bahamas, BritishGuyana, Canada (except for
Quebec), Ireland, Jamaica,NewZealand, St.
Vincent, Trinidad andTobago, andUnited
b. International students admitted into the countryonan
I-20 fromTMCCmust be enrolled in the college as a
full-time student (aminimumof 12 credit hours) until
they complete their full courseof studyor transfer to
another institutionandmeet theprogression standards
outlined inAppendixF.
3. Evidenceof sufficient financial support asdefined in
the college cataloggoverning the semester of initial
Admission toTMCC implies general admission to
the collegeonlyanddoesnot constitute admission to
a specific curriculumor courseswhichmay require
additional admission criteria.
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