2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 338

F-338 2014-2015
Admission to theCollege
1. In the admissionof students, community colleges
shall not discriminateon thebasis of aperson’s age,
disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race,
religion, or sexual orientation.
2. All applicantsmust qualify for admissionby
satisfyingat least oneof the following:
a. agraduateof ahigh school or its equivalent; or
b. aqualified international student.
3. A studentwhodoesnotmeet the community college
requirements for admission established in subsection
2mayapply tobe admittedunder alternate criteriaor
test scores that demonstrate college readiness. Each
college shall establishprocedures and requirements
for suchalternate admission.
4. Whenadmittinga student, the institutionmay
consider the student’s standingat apreviously
attended institution, including, but not limited to,
records of disciplinaryaction.
5. All applicants for admission shall complete such
tests, furnish such information, andmeet such
deadlines as requiredby the regulationspublished
in the admissions sections of the cataloggoverning
the semester of initial enrollment.The initial
semester of enrollment shall be considered thedateof
matriculation exceptwhereotherwisedefinedby the
6. Admission toanNSHE community college implies
general admission to the collegeonlyanddoes
not constitute admission toa specific curriculum
or courses thatmay require additional admission
criteria, aspublished in the college cataloggoverning
the semester of initial enrollment.
7. Programsdesignedas limited entry require
fulfillment of selective admissions criteriaas
contained in the institutional catalogandother
appropriate collegedocuments. Continuation in
selective admissionsprograms is likewise contingent
upon fulfillment of conditions specifiedby the
institutionand contained inofficial institutional
AdmissionCriteria forStudents
1. Student(s) under 18years old canbe considered for
special admission.
2. Admission is for one semester only.
3. Studentsmust reapply each semesteruntil they
graduate fromhigh school or turn18.
4. Registrations areprocessed through theAdmissions
andRecords office, 7000Dandini Blvd., RDMT319,
Phone775-673-7042, Fax: 775-673-7028.
EarlyAdmission forJuniorsandSeniors
1. Juniorswitha3.0GPAand seniorswitha2.5GPA can
take any class forwhich theymeet theprerequisites.
2. Juniors and seniorswhodonotmeet theminimum
GPA requirementsmayonly takeoccupational or
community service classes.
1. Students requestingdual credit should indicatedual
credit bymarking thebox.
2. Credits applyashigh school electives only.
3. Student’s signatureonapplication formallowsTMCC
to release transcript tohomehigh school at the endof
the term.
4. Studentsmust be eligiblehigh school juniors (GPA
3.0) or seniors (GPA2.5).
5. Studentmustmeet all courseprerequisites.
6. Studentspay for all costs of college enrollment,
including the application fee, class fees and textbook
1. Studentsbelow the junior levelmay register in
workforcedevelopment classes for audit.
2. Academically talented studentsbelow junior level
may take academic classes ona case-by-casebasis
upon reviewof transcripts,ACT/SAT scores, grade
reports or other evidenceof academic aptitude.
Evidence is reviewedand student is interviewedby
thedirector of advising for approval.
StudentsExcused fromCompulsoryAttendance
1. Studentsprovide a letter from the school district
stating theyhavebeen excused from compulsory
attendance andproof of level of education (grade
2. Studentsbelow junior level follow same criteriaas
listedabove. See “StudentsBelow JuniorLevel.”
1. Studentswhodonot qualify for anyof the above
programs orwhohave special circumstances can
be considered for admissionona case-by-casebasis
bypresentinggrades, test scores, courses taken,
recommendations, etc. to thedirector ofAdmissions
andRecords anddirector of advising.
1. TMCCHighSchool studentsmust follow the
admissionsprocedure and complete the admission
form. Formore information, contactTMCCHigh
school at 775-674-7660.
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