2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 317

D-317 2014-2015
ACultural Perspective: Spain...NewMexico
SPAN 225
Prerequisite: None
Aperspective of cultural diversity inSpain and theAmericanSouthwest. This coursewill introduce the differing cultures of Spainwithin a
historical context. Studentswill look closely at the intertwining of art, religion and history during theMiddleAges, focusing on the
Camino deSantiago, theSt. James pilgrimage route across northernSpain that is still traveled today. The coursewill include a study of the
influence of theMoors upon the language, art and philosophy of Spain. Itwill trace the first Spanish explorers as they brought the
traditions of theOldWorld intoNewMexico, before the founding of Jamestown. This blending of theSpanish andPueblo culture has
resulted in the uniqueness of theSouthwest today. The coursewill be taught inEnglish and is the same asHumanities 225.
Spanish for HeritageSpeakers I
SPAN 226
Prerequisite: None
This is a course designed for nativeSpanish speaking studentswhowant to improve their literacy in the language. Studentswill study and
practice basicSpanish grammar for improving and developingwritten and oral communication and reading skills.
Spanish for HeritageSpeakers II
SPAN 227
Prerequisite: Completion of SPAN 226.
This course is a follow up course toSPAN226. This course is specifically designed and intended for studentswho speak theSpanish
Language as their native language but have had no advanced formal training in the grammatical aspects of the language. It is based on the
study and practice of advancedSpanish grammar and its application to all five aspects of the language, i.e., writing, reading, interpreting,
speaking and understanding. Completion of SPAN227 satisfies theCollege of LiberalArts foreign language requirement in colleges and
universities in the state ofNevada.
SUR 161
Prerequisite: Math 126 or instructor's approval.
Abasic course designed to impart basic knowledge of the surveying discipline, plus training in the use of traditional and basic surveying
equipment (tape, level and transit).
Introduction toTheater
THTR 100
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
Asurvey course covering a variety of different aspects of theater including play analysis, historical style, playwriting, acting, directing,
technical theater andmore. Representative plays are analyzed from a performance-based perspective. No previous experience in theater is
required. SatisfiesUNRFineArts core curriculum and applies as a general elective atUNLV.
Introduction toActing I
THTR 105
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
Interpretation of drama through the art of the actor. Development of individual insights, skills and disciplines in the presentation of
dramaticmaterial to the audience and the learning of basic exercises for the actor.
DanceStyles:Musical Theater
THTR 116
1.00 - 2.00
Prerequisite: None
Specialized study in the various dance forms encompassed inmusical theater. Special emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of
movement and dance techniques to achieve a solidmovement base. The coursemay be repeated for amaximum of four credits.
Fundamentalsof Directing
THTR 133
Prerequisite: None
The course is designed for theater students or for personswithin the communitywho have a desire to learn about the overall role and
function of the stage director and to apply this knowledge in a practicalmanner. The course includes a study of the history, theory and
conceptualizationmatrixes of directing and the practical experience in selecting and casting a play, planning rehearsals, blocking, script
analysis andworkingwith actors. Also included are scenery, lighting, costume, properties and stagemanagement concepts and
TelevisionProduction I
THTR 160
Prerequisite: None
TelevisionProduction I explores the purposes, scope,methods andmaterials for visual and aural broadcasting, planning, organization,
rehearsing, editing and recording announcements and programs; studio procedures and presentations; preparations and treatment of content
and form. TelevisionProduction I is a combination of "book learning" and hands-on experience in a television studio. At the completion of
this course a studentwill have experience in camera operation, technical direction, directing, audio operation, tape operation, on-camera
experience and other studio related activities.

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