2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 309

D-309 2014-2015
Introduction toComparativePolitics
PSC 211
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
An introduction to the comparative study of selected developed and developing societies. Emphasiswill be given to the study of
institutions and their functions, various administrative and decision-making processes and contemporary problems and issues. Satisfies
UNRSocial Science core curriculum.
Introduction toPolitical Philosophy
PSC 227
Prerequisite: None
Major political philosophers, e.g. Plato, Aristotle,Macchiavelli, Hobbes, Rousseau,Mill,Marx, on topics such as justice, freedom,
equality, tyranny, war, racism, sexism, power, consent and economics. Co-listedwithPhilosophy 207.
Introduction to International Relations
PSC 231
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
A topical introduction to international relations stressing the principles of a systematic approach toworld politics. Emphasiswill be given
tomajor issues/crises confronting contemporary global society. SatisfiesUNRSocial Science core curriculum.
ThePoliticsof International Terrorism
PSC 250
Prerequisite: None
The coursewill examine the definition of international terrorism, its underlying social, political and economic classes, its use as a political
tool, itsmanifestations in theworld and themeasures to be taken for its prevention.
Internship inPolitical Science
PSC 290
1.00 - 8.00
Prerequisite: None
Acourse designedwherein studentswill apply knowledge to real on-the-job situations in a program designed by a company official and a
faculty advisor tomaximize learning experiences.Available to studentswho have completed all core andmajor requirements and have a
2.5GPA. Contact the appropriate chairperson for the application, screening and required skills evaluation. Up to eight semester hour
creditsmay be earned on the basis of 100 hours of internship for eight credit. The coursemay be repeated for up to eight credits. This
coursemay not transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education
Special Topics inPolitical Science
PSC 295
Prerequisite: PSC 103 or approval of the instructor.
The coursewill focus on a contemporary issue or concern of topical interestwithin the field of Political Science. The issuemay be
domestic, comparative and/or international in scope. Examples include:MiddleEast andAfrican government and politics, international
organizations, theNevadaLegislature and the politics of nationalized healthcare.May be repeated one time for three credits (maximum six
credits total).Repeated course titlemust be different.
Government Internship
PSC 299
3.00 - 6.00
Prerequisite: PSC 101 plus onePolitical Science three-credit elective and consent of instructor.
Provides students the opportunity to be selected to serve in federal, state,or local government offices normallywithin theTMCC service
area. Ifmore students apply than there are positions available, studentsmust submit resumes andwill be selected by a review committee.
First-Year Portuguese I
PORT 111
Prerequisite: None
This is a first course inPortuguese for thosewith no previous knowledge of the language. Student acquire basic speaking, reading, and
writing skills, including thePortuguese alphabet and phonetic system, while learning about Portuguese andBrazilian cultures. Class
activities include interactive exercises and role-playing. Principles of grammar and syntax are introduced as students becomemore
comfortablewith the spoken language.
First-Year Portuguese II
PORT 112
Prerequisite: PORT111 or instructors approval.
For studentswith an elementary knowledge of Portuguese, this course reviews simple elements of grammar and introducesmore advanced
and complex grammatical and syntactical elements. Portuguese112 is a continuation course toPortuguese111. Students expand their
language proficiency and knowledge of Portuguese andBrazilian cultures in a classroom setting that emphasizes communication skills.
Second-Year Portuguese I
PORT 211
Prerequisite: PORT112 or instructors approval.
This third course is an intermediate-level course for students familiarwith basic structures of thePortuguese language. Portuguese211 is a
continuation course toPortuguese112. Students synthesizemore advanced and complex forms of Portuguese grammar.More detailed
emphasis is given to oral communication, listening skills, written communication, and the reading ofmore complex texts. Special attention
is paid to improving students' ability to understand spokenPortuguese and converse on a number of topics pertaining to different times and
places. Through a variety of sources, students continue to becomemore familiarwith the cultures of Portugal andBrazil.

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