2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 300

D-300 2014-2015
Voice forMusical TheaterMajor-Lower Division
MUSA 147
1.00 - 2.00
Corequisite: Must also be enrolled in amusic ensemble class (MUSE).
Private instruction in voice (music theater). Studentswill participate in seven hours of instruction per credit per semester.Maximum of
eight lower-division credits.
Concert Choir
MUSE 101
Prerequisite: None
Choral presentations of various periods.
Concert Band
MUSE 111
Prerequisite: None
Concert Band is a performance ensemblemade up ofwoodwind, brass and percussion players. TheConcert Bandwill study, rehearse and
performmusic of several styles and historical periods. Students should have the equivalent of high school level experience in a concert
band program.
MUSE 123
Prerequisite: None
TheTMCCOrchestra is amusical performance ensemble consisting of orchestral string, woodwind, brass and percussion performers. The
orchestrawill rehearse and performmusic of several historical periods and styles.Musical experience equivalent to high school orchestra
is required for admission.
MUSE 131
Prerequisite: None
Performing ensemble specializing in traditional and contemporary big band jazz literature. Experience equivalent to high school jazz
ensemble is expected.
JazzVocal Ensemble
MUSE 135
Prerequisite: None
Intensive study of jazz singing and playing, including differing styles, improvisation, interpretation, vocal, technique, and ensemble/solo
singingwithmicrophones. Required performances each semester.
Guitar Ensemble
MUSE 153
Prerequisite: MUS 107 or instructor approval.
Students rehearse and perform chambermusic for instrumental combinations including guitar(s).Music literature from a variety of styles,
periods, and ethnic originswill be selected to create the course repertoire.
Professional Behaviors
NURS 102
Prerequisite: Open to studentswith declaredNursingmajor and accepted into theNursing program.
This introductory course provides the studentwith an understanding of the professional nurse's rolewithin the health care system.
Emphasis is placed on ethics, professional obligations, values, expectations of the profession and accountability for lifelong learning.
Studentswill learn themethods of communicating professionally and effectivelywith individuals, significant support persons, and as
members of the interdisciplinary heath care team. The impact of familywill be included. This coursemay not transfer to a baccalaureate
degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).
NURS 130
MANDATORYSTEPSOFENROLLMENT: Background check, DrugTest, HCPCPR card, MajorMedical Insurance and
Immunizations. Seewebsite for specifics.
This course provides knowledge and skills necessary to assist the professional nurse in direct patient care, undertaking those taskswhich
are supportive to the care of the patient in various health-care settings. Students are introduced to the roles and responsibilities of a
CertifiedNursingAssistant. Emphasis is placed on acquiring proficiency in direct and indirect care to patients, as defined by theNevada
StateBoard ofNursing's Scope of Practice. The lab/clinical portion of this course includes selected skills that students have to perform.
After satisfactory completion of this course, students are eligible to take theState exam and after passing that exam can become "Certified"
NursingCare I
NURS 138
Prerequisite:Acceptance to theNursing program.
This introductory course provides the studentswith the foundations of the arts and science of nursing. Students are exposed to the core
competencies that define the roles and responsibilities of an associate degree nurse. Focus is placed on acquiring proficiency to carry out
basic independent and interdependent nursing actions that assist clients across the lifespan inmeeting their health-care needs. Each student
identifies care planning activities and develops an individualized care plan and assessment focusing on unique client/patient needs.
Emphasis is on assessment, teaching and learning, and communication in health andwellness. This coursemay not transfer to a
baccalaureate degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).

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