2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 283

D-283 2014-2015
Surveyof ChineseCulture
HUM 211
Prerequisite: None
Survey ofChineseCulturewill introduce the student to key events and concepts fromChina's cultural development from roughly the time
of the ancient Shang dynasty to thePeople'sRepublic ofChina. China's contributions to philosophy, literature and artwill be stressed.
SurveyofMiddleEast Culture
HUM 214
Prerequisite: None
Survey ofMiddleEast Culture introduces student to themany peoples, cultures, and religions of theMiddleEast.A fundamental focus of
the course is the understanding and analysis of interrelations between diverse cultures. The course explores the unique trends and forms of
literature, architecture, paintings, andmusic that have spread throughout theMiddleEast region. It also analyzes how thinkers, writers and
artists in these societies have expressed the religious, political and gender divisionswithin their own cultures. Finally, the course includes
an examination of the complex relationships between theMiddleEast and theWest. The class fulfillsUNR's diversity requirement.
ACultural Perspective: Spain...NewMexico
HUM 225
Prerequisite: None
Aperspective of cultural diversity inSpain and theAmericanSouthwest. This coursewill introduce the differing cultures of Spainwithin a
historical context. Studentswill look closely at the intertwining of art, religion and history during theMiddleAges, focusing on the
Camino deSantiago, theSt. James pilgrimage route across northernSpain that is still traveled today. The coursewill include a study of the
influence of theMoors upon the language, art and philosophy of Spain. Itwill trace the first Spanish explorers as they brought the
traditions of theOldWorld intoNewMexico, before the founding of Jamestown. This blending of theSpanish andPueblo cultures has
resulted in the uniqueness of theSouthwest today. The coursewill be taught inEnglish and is the same as Spanish 225.
American IndianLiterature andCulture
HUM 260
Prerequisite: None
This course explores the continuity between oral traditions ofAmerican Indian culture and literaryworks of contemporaryAmerican
Indian authors. Participantswill gain knowledge of tribal creation accounts, trickster cycles, and traditions of illness and curing.
HUM 271
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
This course introduces students to theworld's greatest literature through study and analysis of thewritten text and the experience of
viewing the rendering of the text in the filmmedium. Studentswill not only gain a historical perspective and aesthetic understandingof
classic literaryworks, theywill experience the visual interpretation of thework in anothermedium. ***This course has Strongly
RecommendedGeneral EducationPre-Requisites*
HUM 272
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces students to the plays of Shakespeare through reading the plays, viewing film versions of the plays and exploring
Shakespeare's art through discussion andwriting. The critical emphasiswill evaluate the film presentations as an interpretation of
Shakespeare's text.
Issues inHumanities
HUM 295
1.00 - 9.00
Prerequisite: None
Explores ideas, issues, andmovementsworthy of special focus for their significant impact on the cultural, social, political, or spiritual
values of human civilization.
Introduction to InformationSystems
Prerequisite: None
Prerequisite: Highly recommendACCUPLACER reading placement score of 50 or higher. An introduction to computer terminology,
hardware and application programs formanagement information systems. Students are introduced to business, industry and education
applications of popular software using spreadsheets, wordprocessors, and data bases. "Hands on" experience is provided through student
use of open lab.
Prerequisite: IS 101 or equivalent.
Advanced topics in spreadsheets,microcomputer-based databasemanagement systems andmacro-programming.
Elementary Italian I
ITAL 113
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to fundamentals of Italian grammar. Spoken communication and listening skillswith considerable emphasis onwritten
communication and reading skills. Prior knowledge of the Italian language is not required.

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