2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 26

A-26 2014-2015
A–General Information
Amaximumof sixelectivecreditsgradedS/Umaybe
used to satisfycredit requirements for anydegreeor
Studentsmust come to theAdmissions andRecords
office to select thisoption.Anychanges toor from
theS/Uoptionmust becompletedprior to theendof
the100% refundperiod.
Courseswhichwill beofferedonanS/UbasisONLY
will beapprovedby thecurriculumcommitteeand
publishedas such in theclass schedule. Examplesof
thesecourseswouldbe thosedifficult tograde, in
whichexperience, notmastery is thekey (field trips,
physical education)or inwhichprerequisitesdisallow
novices fromenrolling (advancedfield studyor
TMCC’sprograms and services support students and
community residents inachieving their academic,
career and lifegoals.
These services enhance theeducational process
byassisting students inovercoming thefinancial,
personal and learningobstacles thatmayprevent
WithinTMCC’sStudent Servicesdepartment are the
TMCCoffers anumberof programs, courses and
services tohelp students acquire theacademic skills
that lead to success incollege.Noneof theprograms,
courses and servicesoutlined in this sectionare
offered for transfer credit to theNevadaSystemof
HigherEducationuniversities.Theywill, however,
provide studentswith the skills that could lead toa
successful experience in thecollege’soccupational
and liberal artsprograms. Studentsperceiving
themselves asneedingadditional preparation for
collegeareencouraged to takeadvantageof these
opportunities. If youarenot surewhetheryouare
prepared, findout byparticipating in theorientation
TMCC, under theauspicesofNevadaAdult
Education, providesbasic literacyeducation for adults
18yearsoldorolder. Instruction inbasic reading,
writingandmathematics isoffered.Competency
andcurriculum levelsof instruction range from
elementary throughhigh school for adults.
Individualizedandgroup instruction isprovided for
aminimal administrative fee.
TMCCalsooffersEnglishas aSecondLanguage
courses toassist speakersof other languages to
adapt asquicklyaspossible toanEnglish-language
environment.Dependingon their level of proficiency,
students areplaced inbeginning, intermediateor
advancedclasses. For informationonAdultBasic
EducationorEnglishas aSecondLanguage, call 775-
Thecollegeoffersnoncredit courses inAdultBasic
Education for adultswhoneed to improve their skills
inbasic reading,writingandmath.The students
are tested toassess their skillsbeforeplacement
in theprogram.An individualizedcurriculum is
providedand students receiveone-on-oneand small
group tutoring.Aneighth-grade level of reading
achievement is theprogramgoal.Call 775-829-9033
for information.
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