2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 266

D-266 2014-2015
FluidMechanics, Hydraulics andHydrology
ENGR 243
Prerequisite: MATH 126 andENGR 100.
Overview study of the behavior of fluids at rest and inmotion and principles of hydrology: quantitative hydrology;prediction of runoff;
hydrologic applications in urban settings; overview of stormwater systems. This coursemay not transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art
or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).
Introduction toEngineeringEconomics
ENGR 244
Prerequisite: MATH 126 andENGR 100.
Consideration of various economic calculations such as present worth, benefit-cost and rate of return analyses in engineering decision
making. This coursemay not transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher
Education (NSHE).
MaterialsBehavior andStatisticalAnalysis
ENGR 245
Prerequisite: MATH 126 andENGR 100.
Constructionmaterials behavior and various specifications used in quality control and quality assurance. This coursemay not transfer to a
baccalaureate degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).
Prerequisite: QualifyingACCUPLACER test score.
ENG 081A is anESLListening andSpeaking course inwhich students learn speaking and listening skills based on academic content.
Using topics typically covered in college courses, students engage in dialogs and discussions, take lecture notes, prepare oral presentations
and learn to recognize and use various communication patterns. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading. Coursemay be repeated for up to 6
Prerequisite: QualifyingACCUPLACER test score.
ENG 081C assists theESL student to develop basic reading andwriting skills in preparation for college courses. The reading segmentwill
help students to improve confidence, fluency, speech and accuracy in reading. Thewriting segmentwill help students to develop short,
well-organized paragraphs in several rhetorical styles. Studentswill learn techniques for revising their ownwritingwith attention to
identifying grammar and spelling problems and to expanding vocabulary.
Pronunciation andSpelling for Non-NativeSpeakers
ENG 83
Prerequisite:ACCUPLACER placement of English 081 level or above.
ESL studentswill learn the skills to correct their pronunciation and spelling problems. Studentswill understand the relationship between
written and spokenEnglish. This course is ideal for studentswho experience persistent pronunciation and/orwritten communication
ENG 88
Prerequisite: QualifyingACCUPLACER test score or completionof ENG 81AandENG 81C.
ENG 088, an intermediate-level English grammar course for non-native speakers, builds understanding of the forms,meanings and uses of
key grammar structures, especially those expected in formalwritten communications. Application of grammar to the development and
editing of the students' ownwriting and to understanding ofwritten texts is emphasized. This course is especially useful for students taking
theENG 112D, 113 or 114writing courses. Grading is S/U; the coursemay be repeated for up to six credits.
BasicWriting II
ENG 95
Prerequisite:ACCUPLACERReadingComprehension score 56 -75.Corequisite: Must be taken concurrentlywithREAD 95
English 95 provides instruction in basicwriting skills particularly sentence patterns and paragraphdevelopment leading to thewriting of
short essays. The course also introduces students to concepts of grammar,mechanics, punctuation, spelling, andword usage. Students in
this coursemust co-enroll inREAD 95.
BasicTechnical Communications
ENG 97
Prerequisite:ACCUPLACERReadingComp 86+ andWritePlacer 1-4.
Individualized instruction in reading technical texts andwriting short reports similar to those required in business and industry. Designed
for students in industrial technology courses.
Prerequisite: ACCUPLACERReadingComp of 76-85andREAD 135 (must be taken concurrently) -OR- ACCUPLACER
ReadingComp 86+andWritePlacer 1-4. ESLqualifying scores: ReadingComprehension of 76-85andESLWritePlacer score
of 6.
An intensive course designed to developwriting skills.Astep-by-step review of grammatical relationships, sentence patterns, punctuation
and usagewith concentration on thewriting of expositoryparagraphs and essays. Studentwritingwill primarily be generated from the
critical reading of texts taken from across the disciplines. Upon successful completion of the course, the studentmaymove directly into
English 101.May be repeated for amaximum of six credits.

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