2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 260

D-260 2014-2015
Educational, Career, andPersonal Development
EPY 101
Prerequisite: None
Acourse designed to help students adjust to the college environment and the learning process; the development of personal and academic
skills necessary for educational successwill be stressed.
EDU 110
Prerequisite: None
Emphasis on education's role in society. History, philosophy and sociology of education; comparative education and school law. This
course is designed to enhance students' abilities to prepare them as students seeking a degree in education.
Introduction toElementaryEducation
EDU 201
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological foundations of elementary education., overview of curriculum,
instruction and issues of diversity. Includes a field experience.
Introduction toSecondaryEducation
EDU 202
Prerequisite: None
Introduces the prospectivemiddle/secondary teacher to the role of thinker/reflective practitioner.Awareness of the historical, political and
economic forces influencing schooling in theUnitedStates. Includes a field experience.
Introduction toSpecial Education
EDU 203
Prerequisite: None
Survey of various types of exceptionalities. Emphasis on etiology, physical and educational characteristics.
InformationTechnology inTeaching
EDU 204
Prerequisite: None
This course identifies and illustratesmicrocomputer applications in education. The hardware/software selection process is presented as
well as uses ofword processing, spreadsheet and Internet programs. Designed for teachers seeking a practical knowledge of how to operate
and utilizemicrocomputers in the classroom. Special instruction fees.
Explorationof Children'sLiterature
EDU 207
Prerequisite: ENG 101 or ENG 113 or instructor approval.
Survey of children's literature genres. Censorship, historical background, children's interests, literature programs, and book evaluations.
Same asENG 250.
StudentswithDiverseAbilities andBackgrounds
EDU 208
Prerequisite: EDU203.
Focus on successful inclusion of studentswith various disabilities, students from culturally diverse backgrounds, andEnglish language
learners in a general education classroom.
ExploringTeachingandLearning: Practicum
EDU 209
Corequisite: EDU 211.
This practicum experience introduces prospectiveDual Elementary/Special Education andSpecial Education teachers to teaching and
learning contexts and developing professional dispositions.Emphasis is placed on differentiated instruction based on learner needs in local
NevadaSchool Law
EDU 210
Prerequisite: None
The course surveys federal and state legal issues relating to education. Concepts covered include teacher/student rights and responsibilities,
teacher liability, and religious and liability issues.
Introduction toTeaching in InclusiveClassrooms
EDU 211
Corequisite: EDU 209.
This introductory teachingmethods course emphasizes instructional techniques applicable in all content areas and prepares students to
begin to differentiate instruction based on learner needs.
Family Involvement for StudentsWith/Without Disability
EDU 212
Prerequisite: None
Focus on academic progress and social-emotional development through collaborative and productive professional relationshipswith
families of studentswith andwithout disabilities.
PreparingTeachers toUseTechnology
EDU 214
Prerequisite: None
Lab course on advanced skills and strategies for integrating information technology in to the classroom. Special instructions fees.

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