2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 249

D-249 2014-2015
CUL 245
Prerequisite: MATH 093or equivalent or qualifyingAccuplacer,ACT/SAT test results.
Course intended to give the student the tools needed in today's tight labormarket for advancement in the food service industry.Today,
chefs, souse chefs and foodmanagers, aswell as owners,must know and understand food servicemath and importance of the bottom line
to an operations success.Youwill be exposed to such topics as organizing a business's food, labor and overhead costs, purchasing,
equipment selection, basic facilities design and scheduling staff. Students exposed to completing spreadsheets andwill demonstrate how to
control costs, calculate cost percentages, and breakeven points. Students should bring a calculator to the first class.
CUL 250
Prerequisite: CUL106, 108 or permission of the instructor.
Course teaches that sauces are created through patience, diligence and studywhile using top quality ingredients. Students learn both
classical andmodernmethods of saucemaking. Each studentwill be able to use each sauce in at least one dish andwill understand other
uses for the same sauce.
WorkExperience inCulinaryArts
CUL 295
1.00 - 6.00
Prerequisite: None
Acourse designedwherein studentswill apply knowledge and skills to real on-the-job situations in a program designed by a company
official and a faculty advisor tomaximize learning experiences. Available to studentswho have completedmost core andmajor
requirements and have a 2.5G.P.A. Contact the placement specialist inRDMT315-X or at (775) 674-7661 for the application, screening
and required skills evaluation. Up to six credit hoursmay be earned on the basis of 75 hours of internship for one credit.
DAN 101
***This course has strongly recommendedGeneral EducationPre-requisites***
This course is an exploration of theworld's first andmost universal art form.Various forms ofmulticultural ethnic dance forms, plus an
overviewof popular dance forms, are explored through the use of lecture, video and demonstration. Satisfies theDiversity requirement for
TMCC. SatisfiesUNRFineArts core curriculum and applies as a general elective atUNLV. ***This course has StronglyRecommended
General EducationPre-Requisites***
JazzDance (Beginning)
DAN 132
Prerequisite: None
Beginning techniques of jazz dance.May be repeated to amaximum of four credits.
JazzDance (Beginning/Intermediate)
DAN 133
Prerequisite: DAN132 or instructor approval.
Beginning/Intermediatework in the techniques of jazz dance. Repeatable up to four credits.
Ballet, Beginning
DAN 135
Prerequisite: None
Beginning techniques of ballet.May be repeated to amaximum of four credits.
Ballet, Beginning/Intermediate
DAN 136
Prerequisite: DAN135 or instructor approval.
Beginning/Intermediatework in the techniques of ballet. Repeatable up to four credits.
ModernDance, Beginning
DAN 138
Prerequisite: None
Beginning techniques ofmodern dance.May be repeated to amaximum of four credits.
ModernDance, Beginning/Intermediate
DAN 139
Prerequisite: DAN138 or instructor permission.
Beginning/Intermediatework in the techniques ofmoderndance. Repeatable up to four credits.
TapDance (Beginning)
DAN 144
Prerequisite: None
Beginning, basic techniques of tap dance. Repeatable up to four credits.
DAN 145
Prerequisite: DAN144.
IntermediateTapDance is designed to reinforce the basic tap dance skills introduced inBeginningTapDance and to introduce students to
new tap dance techniques.May be repeated for up to four credits.
Choreography I: Improvisation for Composition
DAN 188
Prerequisite: None
Practical application of the techniques of improvisation for its use in composition.

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