2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 24

A-24 2014-2015
A–General Information
Refunds related tocredit cardpayments are refunded
back to thecredit card thatwasused tomake the
payment.Refunds related tocashor checkpayments
are refunded todirectdeposit, if set-up in
otherwiseacheck is issued.All check refunds are
mailed to the student’s current on-fileaddress.
Studentsare responsible foreitherpaying for, or
officiallywithdrawingonline from, eachclass inwhich
they register, even if theydonot attend. If a student
fails towithdrawonlineduring the full-refundperiod,
theywillbe responsible forall tuitionand fees.
In thecaseof exceptional circumstance,upon
presentationofdocumentationandapprovalof the
presidentor thepresident’sdesignee, a refundof the
registration feesandnonresident tuition fora semester
maybegivenuponofficialwithdrawalmadeat any
timeduring the semester in the following instances:
1. Deployment of the student in theUnitedStates
ArmedForces orNevadaNationalGuard;
2. An incapacitating illness or injurywhichprevents
the student from returning to school;
3. Deathor incapacitation resulting froman illness
or injuryof the student, or spouse, child, parent,
or legal guardianof the student that prevents the
student from returning to school for the remainder of
the semester;
4. Verifiable error on thepart of the institution;
5. Involuntary job transfer outside the serviceareaof
the institutionas documentedby employer, or;
6. Other exceptional circumstances beyond the control
of the institutionor the student.
Refunds aremade to the student or to the
contributingparty inproportion to thepayment of
original feesmadebyeach.
Studentsmayapply for anexception to the refund
policywithina semester,whetherornot theyhave
dropped theclass(es)online.
Studentsmayapply for anexception to the refund
policywithin90days after theendof a semester
provided theyhavedropped theclass(es)online.
Studentsmaynot apply for anexception to the refund
policyafter90days from theendof a semester.
Pleasenote: Ifyoudonotattendorstopattending
classesand fail topersonallywithdrawonlinewithin
the full-refundperiod,youwillbeheldresponsible
forallapplicabletuitionand fees. Instructor
Workforcedevelopment andcontinuingeducation
programs adhere todifferent refundpolicies. Please
consultWDCE’s courseguide for refunddetails.
Anypersonwishing toenroll for courses taught
by thecollegemust registerduring the scheduled
Each semester,
thecollegewill publish (onlineonly) aclass schedule
which includesdetailed informationon thecourses
available, registrationprocedures anddates, andadd/
dropperiods. Enrollment appointments areassigned
to studentsbasedon thenumberof completed
credits.Registrationmaterials for all studentswill be
availableonline.Registration isofficial onlywhenall
registration feeshavebeenpaid.
In2007, theNevadaSystemofHigherEducation
(NSHE)passed theBoardofRegentsguidelines that
all degree-seeking studentsmust be immediatelyand
continuouslyenrolled inappropriatedevelopmental
mathematics, readingandEnglishcoursesuntil they
have successfullycompletedall developmental course
workprescribed. Students requiring remediation
must completeall requiredcourseworkprior to
completionof 30collegecreditsunlessotherwise
authorizedbyTMCCor anyotherNSHE institution.
Studentsmayaddclassesusing the
onlyduring thepublished registrationperiods.The
registrationperiod for full termclasses isup to8
a.m. of thefirstdayof the semester. The registration
period forDynamicallyDatedclasses (short term)
classes is either thedaybeforeor thefirst twodaysof
class, dependingon the lengthof theclass.Written
permission from thedepartment is requiredafter the
registrationperiodhas ended. Studentsmayenroll in
full termwithdepartmental permissiononly through
theFridayof thefirstweekof classes. Studentswho
addclassesor register latebecome immediately
responsible for the feesof theseclasses.The student
shouldbeaware that theymaynot beeligible for any
refunds if theydrop from theseclasses.Refunds are
basedon the times theclasshasmet andnot on the
attendanceof aparticular student. See the refund
policy in this coursecatalog. It is important for
students toverify theaccuracyof their enrollment
schedules and fees any timeachange ismade.
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