2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 236

D-236 2014-2015
Oral Communication
COM 101
Prerequisite: None
Theory and practice in the composition and delivery of public speeches. Advanced techniques ofmessage development,organization, and
Fundamentalsof SpeechCommunications
COM 113
Prerequisite: None
Study of theories and principles of speechwith participation in public speaking and interpersonal communication activities.
Introduction toGroupCommunication
COM 215
Prerequisite: None
An introductory course in communication as it functionswithin small task groups. Emphasis is on observation and analysis of actual small
group behavior and on improvement of communication skillswithin the small group setting.Topics covered include leadership, conflict,
norms, role structure, cohesiveness and decision-making. Course stresses student involvement in exercises, discussions and group projects.
COM 285
Prerequisite: None
This coursewill cover popular films and their portrayal of individualswith communication disabilities, including how those portrayals
promote both negative and positive images and how these images influence public perception of thosewith communication disabilities.
The realities of communication disabilitieswill also be discussed.
Introduction toCommunityHealthSciences
CHS 101
Prerequisite: ENG 98R or higher andMATH 96or higher, or equivalent placement scores.
This course introduces students to the basic tenets of community health. These include concepts of health, health promotion and disease
prevention, aswell as, factors affecting community health, epidemiology, risk factors, health information and research, ethics and health
Foundationsof Personal HealthandWellness
CHS 102
Prerequisite: ENG 98R or higher andMATH 96or higher, or equivalent placement scores.
This course introduces students to the basic tenets of health andwellness. These include concepts of health, diet and exercise,
relationships, disease prevention andmaking personal choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.
Introduction toPublicHealthBiology
CHS 200
Prerequisite: CHS101 or BIOL100 or higher.
This course introduces students to the basic biological principles of public health biology. These include concepts of health and disease,
introduction to pathophysiology, the public health burden of infectious and chronic disease, and how public health is used to address these.
Introduction toEnvironmental Health
CHS 230
Prerequisite: CHS101 or BIOL100 or higher, CHEM 100 or higher, or ENV 100 or higher.
This course introduces students to the basic tenets of environmental health. These include concepts of environmental influences on disease,
inter-relatedness of scientific disciplineswith environmental health,emerging environmental issues, and environmental risk factors and
Introduction toComputer-AidedDrafting
CADD 100
3.00 - 4.00
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to the basic capabilities of aComputerAidedDrafting (CAD) system. Includes appropriate terminology, basic system design,
typical hardware and software and applicable commands. Studentswill draw and solve drafting problems on aCAD system.
CADD 105
3.00 - 4.00
Prerequisite: CADD 100 and either DFT100orADT105.
Continuation ofCADD 100 (formerlyDFT131). The coursewill cover advanced 2-DCAD operations. Studentwill draw and solve
graphic problems on aCAD system.
Technical Drafting I
CADD 140
3.00 - 4.00
Prerequisite: DFT100 or CADD 100 or approval of instructor.
Applies the knowledge gained inDFT100 tomanufacturing situations according to industrial standards.ComputerAidedDrafting
Techniques are used to solve advanced drafting problems.
Technical Drafting II
CADD 141
3.00 - 4.00
Prerequisite: CADD 140 or approval of instructor. Coursemay be taken concurrentlywithCADD140.
Introduces shop processes, detailworking drawings, precision dimensioning, limits and tolerances, design layouts, shop notes, parts lists,
assembly drawings, developments and intersections, and pictorial drawings. This coursemay not transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art
or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).

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