2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 234

D-234 2014-2015
FieldStudy International BusinessEmphasisExploration
IBUS 282
Prerequisite: IBUS280. Corequisite: IBUS 281
This course allows students to explore a functional business area inmore depth during the field study. Studentswill have opportunities to
meetwith individuals that practice in their emphasis and to ask questions. Studentsmay also have anopportunity to participate in field
trips that differ from their classmates thatwill allow themmore insight into how their emphasis is impacted in different cultures. This
course requires a final reflective paper prior to the end of the second term of the summer session. This course requires admission in the
preceding fall, satisfactory completion of IBUS 280 and concurrent enrollment in IBUS 281.
MoleculesandLife in theModernWorld
CHEM 100
Prerequisite: ENG 98R andMATH 96 or qualifyingACCUPLACER,ACT/SAT scores.
Acourse for studentswith no science background. Ageneral introduction into topics in inorganic and organic chemistry. Four laboratory
experiences are required through the course period.
CHEM 103
Prerequisite: MATH 096or placement inMATH 120 or higher.
This course is a preparatory course for studentswith a deficiency in high school chemistry orwho have not had chemistry beforewhowish
to qualify forCHEM110 or 121. Focuswill be on developing problem solving skills and study skills in chemistry required to succeed in
CHEM 110 or 121. Does not satisfy theGeneral EducationCoreScience requirement.
Recitation forGeneral Chemistry I
CHEM 120
Corequisite: Must be concurrently enrolled inCHEM 121.
Studentsmust be concurrently enrolled inCHEM 121 in order to take this course. This course is a recitation section forCHEM 121 that
includes additional practice in problem solving and chemistry skills used inCHEM 121.
General Chemistry I
CHEM 121
Prerequisite: ENG 98R andMATH 120or equivalent or qualifyingACCUPLACER,ACT/SAT scores.
Fundamental principles of chemistry and the properties and uses of the common nonmetallic elements.
General Chemistry II
CHEM 122
Prerequisite: CHEM121 or CHEM 121RandMATH 126 or equivalent or qualifyingACCUPLACER,ACT/SAT scores.
Fundamental principles of chemistry, properties and uses of the commonmetals, their compounds, elementary chemistry of carbon, and
introductory qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Special Topics inChemistry
CHEM 198
0.50 - 6.00
Prerequisite: None
Various short courses and experimental classes covering a variety of subjects. The coursewill be a variable credit of one-half to six credits
depending on the course content and number of hours required. The coursemay be repeated for up to six credits. This coursemay not
transfer to a baccalaureate degree of art or sciencewithin the universities in theNevadaSystem ofHigher Education (NSHE).
General Chemistry for ScientistsandEngineers
CHEM 201
Prerequisite: MATH 181or co-enrolled inMATH 181or equivalent or qualifyingACCUPLACER,ACT/SAT results.
Fundamental principles of chemistry including stoichiometry, atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonding,molecular structure,
kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, solutions, colligative properties, equilibrium and electrochemistry. Credit allowed for only one of the
following: CHEM 121 or 201. Prerequisite:MATH 181 or equivalent or co-enrolled inMATH181.
General Chemistry for ScientistsandEngineers II
CHEM 202
Prerequisite: CHEM121 or 201with a grade of 'B' or better andMATH 181.
Principles of chemistry including thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry,metals and non-metals,
coordination compounds, and properties of inorganic, organic and biologicalmolecules. Credit allowed in only one ofCHEM 122 or 202.
CHEM 220
Prerequisite: CHEM121. Recommended: CHEM 122.
A laboratory coursewhich acquaints studentswith some of the fundamental principles of carbon chemistry and biological chemistry.
OrganicChemistry I
CHEM 241
Prerequisite: CHEM122 or 202.
Intensive introduction to the chemistry of carbon and its functional groups, including the structure and behavior of itsmolecules.
OrganicChemistry for LifeSciencesLab I
Prerequisite or corequisite: CHEM 241.
Laboratory exercises in introductory organic chemistry. Stereo chemistry, separation and purification techniques,micro-scale organic
reaction procedures.
OrganicChemistry II
CHEM 242
Prerequisite: CHEM241.
Continuation ofCHEM 241, covering simple and polyfunctional compounds, with emphasis on synthesis of organicmolecules.

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