2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 222

D-222 2014-2015
Fundamentalsof Cultural Diversity
ANTH 208
Prerequisite: None
This course explores the roles of culture in structuring the individual's self-identity, learning styles and sense of reality. The range of
diversity in human socio-cultural institutionswill be examined in terms of the role of prejudice, stereotyping and compatibility in
education, theworkplace and other environments. An emphasiswill be placed on providing the skills necessary towork and live together
regardless of ethnic, religious, race, gender, age and other cultural affiliations.
Archaeological FieldMethods: Survey
ANTH 225
Prerequisite:ANTH 202 or permission of instructor.
This course provides the studentwith introductory training in basic archaeological field survey techniques.
Archaeological FieldMethods: Excavation
ANTH 226
Prerequisite:ANTH 202 or permission of instructor.
This course provides the studentwith introductory training in basic archaeological field excavation techniques.
FoundationsofArchaeological LabMethods
ANTH 227
Prerequisite:ANTH 202 or permission of instructor.
Basic hands-on introduction to archaeological labmethodswhichmay include some or all of the following: inventory, processing,
cataloging artifacts and preparing them for analysis and curation.
ANTH 229
Prerequisite:ANTH 101 or SOC 101.
Fundamental survey of case studies examining various applications of anthropology in the resolution of human problems. Studentswill
explore career opportunities for applied anthropologists and some of the roles of anthropologists in theworld today. Studentswill
participate in a class research project.
Para-Professional Skills inSocial Science
ANTH 279
Prerequisite:ANTH 229 (may be taken concurrently).
Studentswill learn basic technical skills to support professional anthropologists as they conduct various aspects of research, data
management and analysis, composition and report production.
Introduction toLanguage
ANTH 281
Prerequisite: None
Nature and function of language, including an introduction to the linguistics subsystems ofmodernEnglish and the development of the
English language. Same asENG 281.
Internship inAnthropology
ANTH 290
1.00 - 8.00
Prerequisite:ANTH 279 (may be taken concurrently).
SupervisedPara-professionalwork experience in one ormore areas of anthropology under guidance of a professional anthropologist or
related professional. Studentwill apply knowledge and skills to real on-the-job situations designed by a faculty advisor and an official
from a public agency, academic institution or business.
Introduction toArchitectural Design
AAD 100
Prerequisite: None
This is a survey course of the profession of design.Covered in this course is a discussion of the fields ofArchitecture, Landscape
Architecture andPlanning. Other design fieldsmay be discussed as they relate to these professions.Topicsmay include types of firms and
their specialties, what it takes to become a licensed practitioner forwhom a design professionalmightwork, salaries thatmight be
achieved and the professional associations towhich a design professionalmight belong.
AAD 101
Prerequisite: None
Introduces the concepts of natural systems and their influence on human activity and the living environment. Reviews the historical
context and cultural adaptations and introduces the basicmanagement and use of the natural systems. Reviews natural, biological, cultural
and designmanagement philosophies.
AAD 125
Prerequisite: None
Analysis of assembling and detailing for construction in the field of architecture and landscape architecture.Techniques for the production
of construction detailswill be discussed and demonstrated.Visits to construction sites and professional offices.
Fundamentalsof Design I
AAD 180
Corequisite: Must be taken concurrentlywithAAD 181.
Investigation of the elements, principles and theories of design in two dimensions.Emphasis placed upon principles of organization,
principles of visual and geometric logic, designmethodology and color theory.

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