2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 19

A-19 2014-2015
A–General Information
Applications submittedafter thedeadlinewill
be considered for thenext semester. Thedate
of graduation thatwill appear on the student’s
diploma/certificateandpermanent academic
record is the lastmonthof the semester inwhich the
application for graduation is approved.
2. Completed15 semester creditswithinTMCC;
creditsmust bedegreeapplicable. Developmental
courses arenon-degreeapplicable. All graduates
must haveaminimumof 15 credits in residence or
throughdistance educationatTMCC. Challenge
examinations, nontraditional credit, etc., donot
count as resident credit. This applies toall associate
degrees and certificates of achievement. Residency
creditsmust bedegreeapplicable.
3. Maintainedaminimum cumulative gradepoint
average of 2.00. The gradepoint average for
graduationmust beat least 2.00. This gradepoint
average is calculatedby combining the gradepoint
average of all courses takenatTMCCand the grade
point average of those transfer courses used to fulfill
thedegree requirements. A studentmust alsohave
a cumulative gradepoint average of 2.00 for all
4. Met all financial and libraryobligations. Students
will not be issuedadegree or certificate of
achievement if theyhavenotmet all theirfinancial
and libraryobligations to theNevadaSystemof
HigherEducation. If students haveanoutstanding
debt, theymaypay it at theCashier’sOffice. Library
obligations canbe cleared through the library.
5. Completed the curriculum requirements for the
degree, emphasis, or certificate. Studentsmay
elect to graduateunder thedegree, emphasis, or
certificate requirements for the year inwhich they
initially enrolledatTMCC inother thanworkforce
development and continuing education courses
(unless these courses areused toward their degree,
emphasis, or certificate); the requirements for the
year inwhich theyofficiallydeclaredadegree,
emphasis, or certificateat theAdmissions and
Records office; or the requirements for the year
inwhich theywill graduateas longas the course
catalog selected is nomore than sixyears old. If a
degree, emphasis, or certificate is offered for thefirst
timeafter a student has enrolled, the studentmay
choose the course catalog year inwhich thedegree,
emphasis, or certificatewas first offered. Students
maynot usea combinationof course catalogs for
graduation. Summer session is included in the
previous course catalogyear, i.e., summer 2011
wouldbeunder the2010-2011 course catalog. If
students interrupt their college studies formore
than two consecutive semesters, including summer
session, the college encourages them tomeet the
requirements of the course catalog yearunderwhich
theywill complete the requirements for thedegree,
emphasis, or certificate. Someplans require students
to graduateunder the course catalogyear theywere
accepted to theprogram, e.g., health sciences.
Studentsmayearn twodegrees subsequentlyor
simultaneously, provided they satisfy the following
2. Complete the curriculum requirements for each
degree, emphasis, or certificate.
3. Complete15 semester creditswithinTMCC.All
graduatesmust haveaminimumof 15 credits in
residence or throughdistance educationatTMCC.
Challenge examinations, nontraditional credit, etc.,
donot count as resident credit.This applies toall
associatedegrees and certificates of achievement.
Residency creditsmust bedegreeapplicable.
4. Satisfyall additional requirements for bothdegrees.
All graduating students areencouraged toparticipate
incommencement exercisesheldat thecloseof the
spring semester eachyear.At that time, all associate
degrees andcertificatesof achievement areconferred
upon the fall, springand summergraduates for
theyear.Diplomas arenothandedout at the
TheStudentRight toKnowandCampusSecurityAct
requires thatTMCCmakeavailable tocurrent and
prospective students thepersistenceandgraduation
ratesoffirst-time full-time, degree-seeking
students. Theaveragepercentageoffirst-time, full-
time studentswhograduatewithin threeyearsof
matriculating is21percent and14percenthave
transferred toanother institution.
Since themajorityof our students arenot full time
(only27percent take12ormorecredits a semester)
andweknow that graduation isnot theonlymeasure
of success forour students, these ratesdonot
necessarily reflect the successof all of our students.
Tofindouthowmuchyouowe, log in to
During theearly registrationperiod, youmustpay
your feesby thepublisheddeadline. If youenroll
after theearly registrationperiodyoumustpayyour
fees twodays afteryou register. If youdonot,TMCC
reserves the right tooffer the seat in theclass to the
next eligible student.
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