2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 196

B-196 2014-2015
TheTMCC associatedegree from the veterinary
technicianprogramprepares the student topractice
as a licensedveterinary technician (LVT).Graduates
maypractice as aLVT ingeneral or specialtyprivate
veterinarypractices, universities, research facilities,
pharmaceutical companies, zoos, or other areas
where veterinary technicians’ skills areneeded.The
TMCCveterinary technicianprogrammeets all of
theminimumdegree requirements for the associate
of applied sciencedegree.The associate in applied
science inveterinary technologywill be awarded
upon completionof all general education and core
requirements.Upon completionof thedegree the
studentwill be eligible to apply to take theVeterinary
TechnicianNational Exam (VTNE) leading to licensure
as a licensedveterinary technician. Studentsmay also
need to apply for individual state exams dependingon
the state inwhich they choose towork. TheTMCC
veterinary technicianprogram is accreditedby the
AmericanVeterinaryMedicalAssociation (AVMA).
The following requirementsMUSTbe fulfilledby June 1
of the year inwhichyou are applying for consideration
for selection to the veterinary technicianprogram.
• Must beanadmitted student atTMCC.
• Must have completedBIOL190andBIOL190L, ENG
101or 113, andMATH120 (or higher) or equivalent
courses. Studentsmust complete each classwitha
grade of “C” or better.The records officemust receive
anofficial copyof your transcript containing the
courseand grade.
• Submit veterinary technicianprogramapplication
andall requiredpaperworkas describedon the
application (which is available online in the spring).
• Submit official transcripts of all college education.
• If spring semester courseworkhas not beenposted
toyour transcript, a letter from the college’s registrar
documenting coursework completedandfinal
grade(s)must beprovided to the records office.
Admission to the veterinary technicianprogramwill
bebasedon completionof the special admissions
procedures and thenumber of points an applicant
receives. Eligible studentswill benumerically ranked,
according to total points. In the event of applicants
having an equal number of points, the students’GPAs
(in all coursework applying toward an associateof
applied science veterinary technologydegree)will be
used to rank the tiedgroup. In the event of a further tie,
individual essayswill be assessed to rank the tiedgroup.
Please see the veterinary technicianprogram application
formore information. From this ranked list, the fall class
will be selected. Selection to the veterinary technician
programoccurs on a yearlybasis for the fall semester.
Applicantsnot selectedwill not be carried forward to the
next year andmust reapply for consideration.
An accepted studentmust submit to the veterinary
technicianprogram the following informationonor
before thefirst dayof class.
1. Evidence of currentmedical insurance.
2. Evidence of required immunization status for
DiphtheriaandTetanus, andMeasles,Mumps, and
Students’ progression in the veterinary technician
program is contingent upon attaining andmaintaining
a gradeof “C”or better in each class of the veterinary
technicianprogram (VETT classes). Veterinary
technician courses are tobe taken in the sequence
outlined in the college catalog. General education
support courses other thanprerequisitesmaybe taken at
any time though it is strongly suggested classes be taken
prior to acceptance into theprogram.
Veterinary technician studentswho areunable to
progress fromone course to anothermay apply for
re-entrywithinone year of exiting theprogram. All re-
entry admissions areon a space availablebasis. Re-entry
isnot guaranteed. Upon the student’s re-admission,
theprogram coordinatorwill outline thenecessary
coursework. Re-admission to the veterinary technician
program is limited toone timeonly.
Veterinary techniciangraduates are eligible to take the
VeterinaryTechnicianNational Exam (VTNE) and to
apply for licensure in the stateof their choice. Each
statehas specific criteria for licensure eligibility. It is the
student’s responsibility to contact the state to ascertain
eligibility requirements. Graduation from anAVMA
accreditedprogram is onlyoneof the requirements
anddoesnotmean automatic licensure as a veterinary
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