2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 18

A-18 2014-2015
A–General Information
Students are limited to “Degree-SeekingUndeclared”
for two semesters, afterwhich theymustdeclarea
degreeor certificate. Fall, springand summer each
count asone semester. Thosewhodonotdeclarea
degreeor certificatewill beplaced intoNon-Degree
status. Studentswhoarenon-degree seekingarenot
eligible to receivefinancial aid, veterans education
benefits, and some scholarships. Studentswhoare
unsureof their careerpath shouldcontactCareer
Services in theCounselingdepartment for assistance,
at 775-673-7060.
ProperUseof Funds: financial aid funds are tobe
used for education relatedexpensesonly.Direct
educational costs are tuition, fees, books and supplies.
Indirect educational costs includeexpenses for room
andboard, transportationandother applicable living
expenses incurredwhileattendingTMCC.
Students receivingaidmayhave theirfinancial aid
adjusted if theywithdraw, stopattendingor receive
outsidefinancial assistance. This can result inan
overpayment andmay require students to repayall
or aportionof theirfinancial aid funds. Formore
information, pleasego
Scholarships from theTruckeeMeadowsCommunity
CollegeFoundationand thefinancial aidofficeare
designed to rewardachievements andencourage
academicexcellence.Awardsvary inamount, but can
rangeup to$1,000ormoreanacademicyear.
Scholarships arebaseduponmany factors including
scholasticmerit, financial need, collegeand
community service, lifecircumstances anddegree,
emphasis, or certificate. Studentsmayapplyevery
yearbyMay1 for the followingacademicyear.
: studentswho
havebeenawardeda scholarship fromanoutside
agencyandwant toapply their award to their costs
of attendingTMCC shouldhave theirdonor contact
TMCCfinancial aid, scholarshipand student
employment office. It is the student’s responsibility
tocoordinate thedisbursementprocessbetween the
donor and thecollege.
Tribal Scholarships
: these scholarships are for
eligibleNativeAmericans andoffered through the
individual tribes. Students initiate theapplication
processbycontacting the respective tribal officeand
filing theFAFSA.
Additional Information
For additional information regarding thefinancial
aid, scholarshipand student employmentprograms,
visit the
inRDMT315on the
DandiniCampusorbyphoneat 775-673-7072.
TMCCoffers fourdegrees: associateof arts (AA),
associateof science (AS), associateof applied
science (AAS), andassociateof general studies
(AGS). Additionally, thecollegeoffers acertificate
of achievement. Students areencouraged to read
the informationoneachdegreebeforemaking their
educational decisions. Advisors areavailable toassist
individualswhowantmore informationoncollege
Preparation forGraduation
Studentsareurged to review theiron-lineAcademic
AdvisementReport each semester todeterminecourse
selection, scheduleplanning, and toevaluateprogress
towardgraduation. Studentswithcredits fromother
institutions should submit official transcripts to the
Admissions andRecordsofficeand request a transfer
credit evaluationduring theirfirst semester. Students
areurged tocontact theadvisingdepartment for
questions about course selectionapplicable toyour
selectedprogramof studyandprogress towards
graduation. Formore informationcall 775-673-7062.
Requirements forGraduation
Studentswishing toobtainadegreeor certificateof
achievement fromTMCCmusthave satisfiedall the
following requirements.
Each student
seekinganassociatedegree or certificate of
achievement is required to submit a completed
application for graduation to theAdmissions and
Records office. A separateapplication is required
for eachdegree/certificate. Theapplicationmust
include the survey. Deadlinedates forfiling these
applications are:
• fall semester,November 1
• spring semester,April 1
• summer session, June1
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