2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 184

B-184 2014-2015
Themissionof the radiologic technologyprogram is to
provide general andbasic science education, combined
with a sound foundation in the theory and art of
radiologic technology tomeet the educational goals of
the students.This is evidencedby a competency-based
program employingvarious teachingmethodologies
and technologies.The graduateswill have theknowledge
and skillsnecessary to successfully take theAmerican
RegistryofRadiologicTechnologistsExamination for
Radiographers andbecome amember of thehealth
care team.Once selected for theprogram, the students
complete 21months of educational experiences. Students
areprovidedwith1,680hours of clinical education
experiences conducted in cooperationwithdepartments
of radiology inReno, Sparks andCarsonCity.
Pleasenote:Graduates fromTMCC’s radiologic
technologyprogram are eligible to apply for and take
(ARRT)Examination forRadiographers.TheARRT is
theonlyorganizationgrantingpermission to take the
examination. Personswithprior felonyormisdemeanor
convictionsmaybe admitted to theprogrambutmaybe
prohibitedby theARRT from taking the examination.
TheARRTwill conduct apre-application review to
determine the impact of a convictionon eligibility. Pre-
applicationReviewFormsmaybe requested from the
Department ofRegulatoryServices at theARRToffice,
Thehospitals associatedwith theprogram require a
background check anddrug testing to insure the safety
of thepatients treatedbyprogram students. Students
selected for theprogramwill be required to complyprior
to starting theprogram (instructions tobeprovided
by theprogram coordinator after being selected for
admission to the radiologic technologyprogram).
The radiologic technologyprogrambegins each fall
semester.Admission to theprogram is limited and
requires specific admissionprocedures. Students are
selectedbymeans of a formal program application and
the calculationof assignedpoints.Applicantsmust be at
least 17years old.
Complete the following:
1. Submit anapplication for admission to the college.
2. Have completed the following courseswitha grade of
“C” or better.
• MATH120, Fundamentals ofCollegeMathematics
• ENG101, Composition I
• RAD101, Exploration inRadiology
The followingmust havebeen completed in thepast five
• BIOL223,AnatomyandPhysiology I and
• BIOL224,AnatomyandPhysiology II
• BIOL141,HumanStructure andFunction I and
• BIOL142,HumanStructure andFunction II
• NURS130,NursingAssistant
• Current certificationas aCNA
• Completionof EMT IntermediateLevel or higher
• Current certificationasEMT Intermediate or higher
• CLS151&152Phlebotomy&AppliedPhlebotomy
• Acceptablealternativedocumentation
• Completionof EMT IntermediateLevel or higher
• Current certificationasEMT Intermediate or higher
Note: Equivalent courses fromother accredited colleges
are acceptable, butmust be approvedbyTMCC. These
coursesmust bedocumented throughofficial transcripts
onfilewithTMCC’s records office before application to
3. Submit official transcripts of all previous college
education to records office.
4. Have aminimum gradepoint average of 2.7 inall
courseworkapplying to theassociate of applied science
radiologic technologydegree.
5. Submit anofficial transcript showingproof of high school
graduationor official results of high school equivalency
toadmissions and records (personswitha recognized
degree exempt).
6. Obtain the current
Submit the completed application to thedivisionof
sciences dean’s office (RDMT324) ormail to: 7000
Dandini Blvd., Reno,NV89503.Applicationmust be
postmarkedby June 1of the current year. Recommend
requesting return receipt notification ifmailing the
Selection to the radiologic technologyprogramwill
bebasedon informationobtained from the admission
requirements and thenumber of points the applicant
receives. Eligible studentswill benumerically ranked
according to total points. Pointswill be awarded for
apreviously completeddegree, credentialedhealth
occupations, completionof general educationdegree
requirements,HESI score, prerequisiteGPA, and support
area.Admissionwill beoffered to the applicants on the
listwith thehighest points. In the event of applicants
having an equal number of points, the students’HESI
scorewill beused tobreak the tie. If theHESI scoredoes
not resolve the tie, lotswill bedrawn todecide selection.
Selection to the radiologic technologyprogram is done
on an annual basis.Applicantsnot selectedmust reapply
for consideration the followingyear.
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