2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 17

A-17 2014-2015
A–General Information
:TMCC studentswhoareenrolled
at leasthalf-time (sixcredits) andwhose feeshave
beenpaidordeferredmayapply for a loanof a
maximumof $200.Additional restrictionsmayapply.
This loanmust be repaidwithin30days and requires
a$1processing fee. Studentsmay receiveone loanper
term.There is a$5 late fee for loansnot repaidby the
Federal andStateWorkStudyProgram
: these
programsprovideeligible studentswithanhourly
wage towork inanapproved job. Students apply for
financial aidusing theFAFSAandare informedvia
anaward letteron
if theyareeligible. Job
listings areposted
: this state-funded
workprogramoffers studentspositions that require
ahigher level of skill orknowledgeandaremore
directly related to their careergoals. Studentsneed
not beeligible forfinancial aidbutmustmeet state-
mandatedeligibilitycriteria. Positions areposted
: studentswhohavenot
qualified for eitherof thework studyprogramsmay
apply foron-oroff-campus jobs as available.These
jobs areposted
All consumer information is availableon
Studentshaveanequal opportunity to receive
financial aid.Aftermakingproper application,
students areentitled toexpect anequitable
determination for eligibilityof available funds. Each
student’s application is individually reviewedusing
the sameevaluationcriteria.
Studentshave the right tohaveaccess to information
about all typesof aidavailableatTMCCand
minimum requirements for eligibility.
Studentshavea right to information regarding
repayment schedules and interest rates for loans.This
information is available infinancial aidpublications,
but it is still important for students to read theirown
promissorynotes carefullybefore signing.
Studentshave the right toappeal decisionsmadeby
thefinancial aidoffice to thefinancial aidappeals
Students receivingfinancial aid fromTMCCare
required toaccept certain responsibilities inorder to
receive their aidpackages and/ormaintaineligibility
for continuedaidawards.
Enrollment: studentsmust beenrolled inadegree,
emphasis, or certificateprogram.Anychangesmay
result in the lossof eligibilityandadelay inaid
received.Workforcedevelopment andcontinuing
educationclasses arenot consideredpart of thecredit
loadnor in thecompletion rate.
: If a student’s award is basedon full-
time enrollment, the studentmustmaintain12or
more credits.
: If a student’s award is basedon three-
quarter-time enrollment, the studentmustmaintain
9-11 credits.
: If a student’s award is basedonhalf-time
enrollment, the studentmustmaintain6-8 credits.
: If a student’s award is based
on less thanhalf-time enrollment, the studentmust
maintain1-5 credits.
SeeAppendixD for acomplete, detailedexplanation
of satisfactoryacademicprogress.
: students are required tonotify the
TMCCfinancial aidoffice inwritingof anyevent that
mayalter theirfinancial status suchas achangeof
residency, receipt of additional educational benefits
or acceptanceof a scholarship. If it isdetermined
that a student receivedmoney that exceededhis/her
eligibility, the student is liable for repayment of the
Federal regulationsdonot allow students to receive
federal financial aid from two schools at the same
time. For additional informationpleasevisit
Students shouldcontact theAdmissions andRecords
office to report anychanges innameordegree,
emphasis, or certificate.Address changes canbe
Thiswill ensure that the student
receives all correspondence from thecollegeand
meetsfinancial aid requirements.
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