2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 168

B-168 2014-2015
Background checks are a requirement of the
clinical facilitieswithwhichTruckeeMeadows
CommunityCollegehas a contract fornursing
student clinical experience. If a student declines to
provide abackground checkor if thebackground
is unsatisfactory to the facility, the studentwill not
bepermitted toparticipate in the clinical portion
of theprogram. Prospective students are advised
that theywill bewithdrawn from theprogram if
clinical requirements arenot able tobemet for any
reason. TMCCwill not be responsible for obtaining
background checks andwill not receive the results
of anybackground investigations.
A student’s progression in theADNprogram is
contingent upon attaining andmaintaining a
gradeof “C”or better in each course in thenursing
Thepre-requisite courses,MATH120, BIOL223,
224, and251must be takenprior to application
for admission to thenursingprogram. There are
additional admission requirements. Please go
for information.
TheTMCCADNprogram is approvedby the
NevadaStateBoardofNursing and is accredited
by theAccreditationCommission forEducation in
Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). Studentsmay contact the
at 888-590-6726.
ACEN, aU.S.Department of Education recognized
accrediting agency fornursingprogramsmaintains
address is 3343PeachtreeRoad,NE, Suite 850,
Students completing theprogramwill:
• Achieveapassing score on theNCLEX-RN.
• Complete theprogram ina timelymanner.
• Be employable.
TheTMCCprogramprepares the graduate to
practice as a registerednurse.TheTMCCnursing
programmeets theminimumdegree requirements
for the associateof applied sciencedegree.The
associateof applied sciencedegree innursing is
awardedupon completionof the curriculum and the
studentwill be eligible to apply to take thenational
NCLEX-RN examination leading to licensure as a
Nursingprogramgraduates are eligible to apply
for licensure in the stateof their choice. Each state
has specific criteria for licensure eligibility. It is
the student’s responsibility to contact the state
to ascertain eligibility requirements.Graduation
from an accreditedprogram is onlyoneof the
requirements anddoesnotmean automatic
licensure as anurse.The StateofNevada licensure
application contains fivequestionswhichmay
impact the applicant’s ability toobtain licensure.
Thesequestions have todowith revocation, denial
or suspensionof a licenseor certificate, conviction
of a criminal offense, problemswithdrugor alcohol
use, treatment formental illness andphysical
disabilitywhich could impair one’s ability to
Nursing courses are tobe taken in the sequence
outlinedon the followingpage. General education
support coursesmaybe taken as outlinedor prior
to acceptance into theprogram.However, because
clinical experiences and/or theory coursesmay
be scheduledduringbothday and eveninghours,
it is suggested that asmanygeneral education
classes as possiblebe takenprior to acceptance into
theprogramwith the exceptionof requiredpre-
I...,158,159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167 169,170,171,172,173,174,175,176,177,178,...392