2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 15

A-15 2014-2015
A–General Information
Although the student and the student’s familyhave
theprimary responsibility forfinancing thecosts
of education, there is someaidavailable through
TMCC for those familieswhocannotmeet the total
costs.This aid is available in the formof grants,
loans, scholarships, student employment or a
combinationof these.Theseprograms are regulated
by federal (Title IV), stateandcampusguidelines.
Most of thefinancial aidguidelines specifyeligibility
requirements,which include, but arenot limited to
the following.
• Bea citizen, permanent resident or other eligible
non-citizenof theUnitedStates, as documentedby
theDepartment ofHomelandSecurity.
• Have earnedahigh school diplomaor passeda state-
approvedhigh school equivalency exam.
• Beaccepted toor registered inafinancial aid-eligible
degree, emphasis, or certificateprogramat the
TMCCAdmissions andRecords office.
• Not be indefault or owea repayment onanyTitle IV
loans or grants.
• Be enrolled in classes thatwill apply to thedeclared
degree, emphasis, or certificate requirements (not
to includeworkforcedevelopment and continuing
education classes).
• Certify that youhavenot been convictedof violating
any federal or statedrugpossessionor sale laws,
while receivingTitle IV funding.
• Provideanyother documents, as required.
Studentswhodonot specificallymeet anyof the
eligibility requirementsmay still beeligible for some
typesof aidand should seeafinancial aidcoordinator
todiscuss their special circumstances.
To receiveconsideration for allTitle IVandother
financial aid funds students shouldapplyas soonas
possiblebeginning January1of eachyear.Awards
aremadeonafirst-come, first-servedbasis. Students
musthaveacompletedfileandbeeligibleby July1 for
fall,December1 for springorApril 15 for summer.
Otherwise, theywill be responsible forpaying their
own fees andbuying theirownbooks and supplies.
If payment isnotmadeby thedate fees aredue, the
studentwill bedropped fromall their classes. If a
student isdetermined tobeeligibleafter thesedates
and is enrolled, theywill receive theirfinancial aid
awardas a reimbursement.
Scholarshipapplications areavailable
TMCC scholarshipapplicationhas anannual due
Student employment andwork studypositions
arepostedall year, but arefilledaccording to job
and fundavailabilityand thequalificationsof the
The studentmayapplyusing the
newapplicationmust befiledeachyear. Students and
toeliminate the
requirement tomail inanoriginal signature.ThePIN
alsoenables students andparents tomakecorrections
toFAFSA informationelectronically. If the student
choosesnot toobtainand/oruse thisPIN, theymay
still applyvia theWeb, but itmayprolong theprocess.
The studentmay thencompletehis/her application
Studentswho requireapaper applicationmay
request one from theDepartment ofEducationat
1-800-433-3243. Studentsmaymail theapplication to
thecentral processor in theenvelopeprovidedwith
theapplication. Students (and/or theirparents)who
havequestions about theapplicationareencouraged
tocontactTMCC’sfinancial aidoffice. Students
whohaveavalidStudentAidReport (SAR)will
automatically receiveaPIN forWebapplication for
thenext awardyear.
If theapplication is submittedvia theWeb, students
will receiveanacknowledgment letteror email from
theDepartment ofEducationwithin threeweeks
once the signaturepageor applicationusingaPIN is
received. If theapplication ismailed to theprocessor,
theywill receiveaSARwithin four to sixweeks.After
receipt of theacknowledgment letterorSAR, students
must then submit any remaining supplemental
documents to thefinancial aidofficeas soonas
Studentsmaybeasked to submit additional
documents.Most forms areavailablevia
andclickondocuments and forms.
Thefinancial aidofficewill interpret ordetermine
eligibility. Filecompletion status andaward/denial
letters arepostedon
I...,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,...392