2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 12

A-12 2014-2015
A–General Information
Thebookstore is located in theRedMountain
Building, room103and isopenall year long for
textbooks, supplies,TMCCmerchandiseandgreat
snacks tokeepyougoing. Hours arepostedonour
which isopen24/7. Weareopenextended
hours at thebeginningof each term.
Thebookstoregladlyoffers refunds andexchanges.
However, it ismandatory that youbring in the
sales receipt, returnmerchandise in “original”
purchaseconditionwith theplasticwrapunopened
(if applicable). The lastday for a full refund isone
weekafter the start of classes. After that, youwill
have twobusinessdays from thedateof purchase to
returnyour text. Software isnot returnable if the
plasticwraporpackagehasbeenopened. Formore
informationon refundsor exchanges, contact the
bookstoreat 775-673-7172
PleaseNote: Thecostofbooks isnot included inclass
TheE.L.CordChildCareCenter is yourpartner in
thecareandeducationof your child. Our center is
conveniently locatedonTMCC’sDandiniCampus.
Toenroll your child incare, orour licensedandNAC
Accreditedprogram, please stop in theCenter andfill
out await-list card. TheCenteroffers full-timeand
part-timeoptions for childrenof students, employees,
and thecommunity. ASemesterCareOption is
available toTMCC students and faculty.
Afirst and lastweek’s tuitionpayment isdueupon
your child’s registration, aswell as a$50per child
enrollment fee. SemesterCare requires a$25deposit,
50%of tuitionbeforecarebegins and the remaining
50% isduewithin20businessdaysduring fall and
spring semesters andwithin5businessdays for
summer sessions. Thecenter isopenweekdays
from7a.m. to6p.m.Call 775-674-7515 fordetails
and ratesor stop inandpickupabrochure. Please
visit the
TheFitnessCenter inRDMT101 is available for
staffand studentmembership, aswell as selected
physical educationclasses. TheFitnessCenternow
offerspersonal training. For informationon starter
packages, orper sessioncost, pleasecontact the
FitnessCenter at 674-7974.
TheTMCCFitnessCenterprovides awelcoming
environment for students, facultyand staff for
physical activityandgeneralwellness.Thecenter also
promotes educational opportunities andanoverall
healthawareness environment.To join thefitness
center, purchaseamembershipordaypass at the
Cashier’sOfficeor takeaphysical educationclass that
requires time in thefitness center. See thecurrent
class schedule for informationon thosecourses.
TheFitnessCenterhas avarietyofmachines and
freeweights aswell as cardioequipment. Eachcardio
piecehas aheart ratemonitor andCD/DVDplayer.
Thecenter alsohasmen’s andwomen’s locker rooms
with two showers, facilities and lockers. Lockers
areavailable for rent ordayuse. Inquirewithin the
fitness center forhoursof operations,membership
fees and locker rentals.Contact theFitnessCenter at
775-674-7974orvisit our
or stopby thecenter
Thecafeteria is located inRDMT222.Thecoffeecart
is in theSierraBuilding lobby.Vendingmachines are
available ineachbuilding.
The InformationTechnologyDepartment supports
computingaccess for students atTMCC’sDandini
Campus (SierraBuilding, room109),Meadowood
Center (southbuilding, room124) andHighTech
Center atRedfield (buildingB, room100).Access at
the IGTAppliedTechnologyCenter is availableat
theNell J.RedfieldLearningResourceCenter (room
106).These labs are staffed, equippedwith software
used for instructionat thecollegeandhaveaccess to
the Internet andelectronicmail. Labs are supported
inpart by theTMCCStudentTechnologyFeeandare
available toall currentlyenrolled students. Each lab is
open throughout the semester andhours areposted
at each locationandon the
For specificquestions regardinghours and
services, call information technologyat 775-674-7695.
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