2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 11

A-11 2014-2015
A–General Information
Procedures: A studentmust submit aRequest
toChangeGrade forRepeatedCourses to the
Admissions andRecordsofficeafter completing
the repeatedcourse. If a studentdoesnot submit
the form, nogradechangesor calculationwill
occur. Additional information is available from the
Admissions andRecordsoffice.
Studentsmust complete theGradeReplacement
form listedunderdocuments and forms locatedon
formmust be submitted to theAdmissions and
Recordsoffice located inRDMT319. Completed
formsmayalsobe submittedvia fax, as a scanned
document sent viaanemail, or inperson to the
Studentsmaypetition, one timeonly, tohaveup
to twoconsecutive semestersworthof credits
adjustedon their academic record.Thenamesof the
courseswill remainon the transcript, gradeswill be
converted to “W”anda notationwill beplacedon
the record indicating that apetitionwasfiledand
academic forgivenessgranted for the semester(s)
indicated.All grades for the semester(s)will be
convertedandnoneof the forgivencourseworkwill
calculate into theTMCCGPA.
Procedure:To receiveacademic forgiveness, three
yearsneed tohavepassed following the semester(s)
forgiven, andaminimumof 15 creditsneed tobe
completed,withacumulativeminimumGPAof 2.2,
in the interim.Transferworkcanbeconsideredand
transcriptsneed tobe submitted.
Studentsmust complete theAcademicForgiveness
form listedunderdocuments and forms locatedon
formmust be submitted to theAdmissions and
Recordsoffice locatedatRDMT319.Completed
formsmaybe submittedvia fax, as a scanned
document sent viaanemail, or inperson to the
StudentGovernmentAssociation (SGA)of
TheSGA is comprisedof aPresident,VicePresident,
Treasurer, Secretaryand seven (7) student senators
electedannuallyby the student bodyandmeets
regularly to serve theTMCC student bodyby:
• Servingas the official voice of the student bodyof
• Providing student representationon college
committees andotherwise;
• Recommendingaction to theappropriate campus
bodies or individuals on issues, programs and
services affecting students;
• Reviewing requests fornew student organizations
and recognize those thatmeet specified
AnyTMCC student interested inanopportunity
to serveorvolunteeronanactivityor event should
contact theSGAat 775-673-7203 for additional
Student clubs andorganizationsmaybe formed
if theyhaveas theirpurposeoneormoreof the
• To increaseand stimulate the students’ knowledge
and interest in their curricularfield;
• Topromotea feelingof fellowshipamong students
with similar academic interests;
• To sponsor educational and recreational activities;
• To instill a feelingof unityand loyalty to the college.
All student organizationsmusthaveanapproved
advisor, aconstitutionorbylaws, andbeapproved
by theSGA. TMCC studentsmayalsoparticipate in
specifiedclubs andorganizations at theUniversity
ofNevada,Reno. More informationabout clubs at
UNRcanbeobtained from theCenter forStudent
EngagementOfficeat 775-784-6589.
Theclubs listedbelowareanexample, butnot a
comprehensive list, of thevarious typesof clubs and
organizations studentsmayconsider joining:
• American Institute ofArchitectural Students (AIAS)
• AmericanSignLanguageClub (ASLClub)
• EntrepreneurClub (E-Club)
• Financial LiteracySociety (FLS)
• GoldenZ
• International Club (I-Club)
• IntervarsityChristianFellowship (IVCF)
• Maxine S. JacobsNurses’ Association (MSJ SNA)
• PhiThetaKappa (PTK)
• PhilippineUnitedStudentsOrganizations (PUSO)
• SouthAsianStudents (SAS)
• StudentDieteticClub (SDA)
• StudentMediaandBroadcastingClub
• StudentMembershipof theAmericanDental
HygienistAssociation (SADHA)
• SwingDanceClub
• TMCCVeteran’sClub (TMVC)
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