2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 10

A-10 2014-2015
A–General Information
TMCC isoneof several hundredearlycollegehigh
schoolsonacollegecampus fordegree-seeking
10th, 11th, and12thgraders. Students attendcollege
classes alongwith selecthigh school classes, then
graduatehigh schoolwith30ormore transferrable
collegecreditsor anAssociate’sdegree.Thehigh
school is apartnershipbetweenTMCCandWashoe
CountySchoolDistrict and students enroll after
a rigorous applicationprocess.Visit thewebsite:
or call 775-674-7660.
Appeal ofPolicy
Students appealing theapplicationof aTMCC
policyorprocedure shouldbegin theprocessby
completing the “StudentAppealsForm”andfiling
itwith theAdmissions andRecordsoffice. Appeals
will beaccepted for review if studentsbegin the
processwithin six (6)months from thedateof
occurrenceor six (6)months fromwhen it couldbe
reasonablyassumed that the studentwas awareof the
TheStudentAppealsBoardconsistsof thedesignee
of thepresident as chair, three facultymembers, one
counselor, oneadministrator, two staffmembers
andone student representative. Departmental
consultants attendingmeetingswill benon-voting
participants. TheBoardmeetsmonthly, except
Januaryand July, tohear appeals and recommend
action to theDeanof Student Services,whohasfinal
TheStudentAppealsBoard is responsible tohear
appeals initiatedby theAdmissions andRecords
procedures,whichmay include residency issues and
refund issues. To initiateanappeal foroneof the
issues listedbelow, the student shouldcontact the
– contact theaffirmative
actionofficer or theDeanof Equityand Inclusion,
and follow guidelines listed in theBoardof Regents
Classroomordepartmental procedures
- contact
Disciplinary issues
- contact the office of theChief of
Police/Public SafetyDirector
Financial aidappeals
- contact thefinancial aid
Grade change issues
- contact the instructor or
follow theprocedures outlined in theTMCC catalog
underAppeal of ClassGrade
Appeal ofClassGrade
Thepurposeof theGradeAppeal Policy is toprovide
the studentwitha safeguardagainst receivingan
unfairfinal grade,while respecting theacademic
responsibilityof the instructor.Thus, thispolicy
recognizes that:
• Every student has a right to receivea gradeassigned
upona fair andunprejudiced evaluationbasedona
method that is neither arbitrarynor capricious; and,
• Instructors have the right toassigna gradebased
onanymethod that is professionallyacceptable,
submitted inwriting toall students andapplied
Agradeappeal shall beconfined tochargesof
unfair action towardan individual student andmay
not involveachallengeof an instructor’sgrading
Inagradeappeal, thepresenceof oneormoreof the
followingwill beconsideredas theonly legitimate
grounds for anappeal: arbitrariness, prejudice, error
orpersonal hardship.A studentwhowishes toappeal
thegrademustdo so inwritingwithin90daysof the
official endingdateof theclass.
Thispolicydoesnot cover instanceswhere students
dishonestyor academicmisconduct.Alsoexcluded
from thispolicyaregradeappeals alleging
discrimination, harassment or retaliation inviolation
ofTMCC’sSexualHarassmentPolicy,which shall be
referred to theappropriateofficeatTMCC.A student
whowishes toappeal thegrademustdo sowithin90
daysof theofficial endingdateof class. Pleasecontact
theofficeof theVicePresident ofAcademicAffairs
for instructionsongradeappeal procedures (775)
A studentwhohas repeatedacoursemaypetition to
have thehighergrade remainonhis/her transcript
andhave the lowergradechanged toan “R” to
indicate thecoursewas retaken. Studentsmay
replaceup to12 semester creditsof coursework. A
student’s academic standing (Dean’s list, probation,
suspension, etc.) cannot be retroactivelychangedby
retakingcourses. Studentsmaynot apply forgrade
replacement for courses inwhich they receiveda
sanction for academicdishonesty.
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