2014-15 TMCC College Catalog - page 106

B-106 2014-2015
Upon successful completionof thedietetic technician
program, the student is eligible to sit for theCommission
ofDieteticsRegistration (CDR) national exam for
DieteticTechnician, Registered (DTR). A studentmay
complete thedietetic technicianprogramby successfully
completingoneof the following threeoptions.
1. Track1:DieteticTechnicianDegree-Associate of
This track is for studentswho are seeking anAssociate
ofAppliedScience (AAS) degree. Students take eight
credits of scienceprerequisites: Biology141 and142.
These creditsmaynot transfer to a four-year institution
within theNSHE system.
2. Track2:DieteticDegree-Associate of Science
This track is for studentswho are seeking anAssociateof
Science (AS) degree.
3. Track3: StudentswithaFour-yearDegree
A studentwith a four-year didacticdegree innutrition
from an institution accreditedby theAccreditation
Council forEducation inNutrition andDietetics
(ACEND)mayqualify as aTrack3 student.The
following conditionsmust bemetwithdocumentation
provided to theDieteticTechnicianProgram
• OfficialCopies ofAll Transcripts.
• Theoriginal Statement ofVerification issued from
andAcademyofNutrition andDietetics accredited
four-year institution.The Statement ofVerification
must be for adidacticprogram indietetics.
• To complete theprogram tobe eligible to take the
national exam forDTR, studentswith a four-year
degreemust complete threeof the three-credit
courses comprisedof 450hours of supervisedwork
experience at a satisfactory level.
Tobe considered for acceptance as aTrack3 student,
please contact theDieteticTechnicianProgram
at 775-673-7138.
AfterTrack3 students complete the three required
dietetic technician supervisedpractice internship
experiences (NUTR291, 292 and293), theywill earn the
skills certificate andbecome eligible to sit for theCDR
National exam.
TheDieteticTechnicianProgram is accreditedby the
AccreditationCouncil forEducation inNutrition and
Dietetics (ACEND) of theAcademyofNutrition and
Dietetics, a specialized accreditingbody recognized
by theCommissiononRecognitionof Postsecondary
Accreditation and theUnitedStatesDepartment of
Education.ACEND canbe contacted at:
AccreditationCouncil for Education inNutritionandDietetics
120SouthRiversidePlaza, Suite2000
Chicago, IL60606-6995
Phone: 800-877-1600x5400
Fax: 312-899-4817
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